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    Just a little post to keep you updated on what I've been up to.
    Player characters now have Bios, and each Bio shows a few player stats, and each stat effects game play, ooh, so exciting... Here's what it looks like (stripped down to the basic)

    Here is what it looks with no character assigned... I'll explain the numbers.
    1. This black box is where the character graphic will sit.
    2. These are all the stats that each player can have.
    Combat: This raises the critical hit ratio.
    Stabality: This has no public use yet.
    Attitude: This has no public use yet.
    Medicine: This increases the amount of HP gained, using Potions only.
    Ambition: This has no public use yet.
    Heart: This increases the happiness and happiness gained, of a Pokémon caught or owned.

    3. This is the stat rating, out of 5.
    The higher this rating, the more your character effects game play.

    4. This is where the character excels the most, if a star is lit, this means, the stat is maxed out.
    Lit stars also mean most gains, less gains, increases or decreases, depending on the effect happening, I.E. Heart, the higher the rating, the more happiness a Pokémon gains, walking around... But, reduces less, up on fainting.

    Yes, you can raise these stats during game play, but remember, the decisions you make or don't make, Pokémon you use or don't use (you get the idea), effect stat gain and loss.

    To view character Bios, go to the Pause menu, highlight Trainer Card, and press "UP"... This will also be where you can check on unlocked player characters... Unlocked player characters, will have Bios available.

    Side note:
    There has never been so much to do in a Pokémon game before, but this is me, making Pokémon how I think it should be... More to follow soon.
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