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I may run this challenge myself, may not, but since I think it's a good idea I'm going to post the rules in case someone is interested. It will require video of the battle being uploaded, so there is a limitation on the games that could be used for it.

Cute, Cool, and Clever Challenge

All pokemon are allowed, yes, even the legendaries and event pokemon. The actual winner of a match is determined by a point system, the point totals carry from match to match if done in a tiered tournament matchup style. The points earned are as follows:

Knocking out opponent's pokemon - 1 point each one knocked out.

Cuteness factor - 2 points for every cute pokemon (determined before the challenge is started) used in battle. If a pokemon is not put into battle, it doesn't count for cuteness.

Cool factor - 1 point for every every multi-turn attack, such as fly, even if the attack fails. Up to 10 points.

Style factor - 1 point for every HM or TM move used, up to 5 points.

Clever factor - 2 points for every pokemon chosen with a type that is more powerful than the opponent's type. Up to 10 points can be earned. Only the first one swapped out between knock outs counts though.

Strategy factor - 1 point for every move that has both damage and status effect, up to 5 points.

Class factor - 2 points for every combination of a move with only status effect followed by any other move. Restoration moves count as the status only effect move. Up to 10 points can be earned with this.

Epicosity - any one hit KO that is done with only damage, meaning the move has no inherent chance of a one hit KO, will earn 5 points. The move must cause as much, or more, damage than the target's maximum HP to count. 15 points can be earned this way.

The rules are a bit simpler:

Only one swap out between knock outs for the player who's pokemon is not knocked out without a penalty. Any other swap outs will cause a loss of 3 points each.

..... and that's it. Again, I may start this challenge myself later on, but in case someone else wants to do it, go ahead and have fun.
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