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    Originally Posted by Kirky View Post
    I like this idea. I take it this is done over wifi by battling others. An idea for points being earned is that you get extra points if you knockout your opponent without them landing a single blow to your pokemon. How ever you may have to moderate this somehow so that some wise guy doesn't get someone who has pokemon that are seriously under levelde and just dominate the battle. You could make categories such as Lvl 100s lvl 90s lvl 80s and son on.
    Thanks. Look closer at the point system, it's set up do that even in the situation you mentioned they could lose the match just because the weaker one at least tried their best. Cute pokemon will always be first evos and no-evo pokemon, after that they become cooler but less cute with each evolution. Thus why I thought of it. I never liked the excessive limits some tournaments place on which pokemon can be used, and though it's possible, not everyone will know how to take down a level 100 Raichu with a level 45 Gligar. That was a fun match, of course it's not as easy before B/W2.
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