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Chapter 19
Nurse Joy gave me another plate of those marshmallow-like Pokémon food again for lunch... I sighed as I forced myself to satisfy my belly. They're really not that bad but, it just feels...kinda awkward for the human within me to eat...Pokémon food. Talk about major discrimination...but what can I do about it? I turned into an Eevee, and there's nothing I can do about it...yet.

Nurse Joy, after she was done eating, just left me here in the center's cafeteria with other Pokémon and trainers. Both humans and Pokémon were discussin about strategy on how to beat Whitney.

Ah, my early nightmares of crying for how many tries it took me to beat Whitney is flooding back.

After I ate, I rested for a bit, since it's not really a good idea to start moving after a meal. It'll upset our stomach, as far as I've heard and experienced back on earth.

I allowed myself a half hour rest, just listening to the trainers and Pokémon talking with each other. Strange that these Pokémon weren't concerned about their freedom taken away from them. I wonder if it's because a Pokéball brainwashes them, or something. I mean, come on, even Saur and Shock warned me that I'll probably get captured.

...huh... I wonder how they're doing. They're probably pushing Lithe away from Vixie again. Heh...

Anyway, I stood on all four and went back to the main hall. Nurse Joy appeared to be busy enough not to notice my arrival. I could try and climb out from that window, but the trainers might notice me. Hm...

I walked towards the sliding doors and tried not to put any attention to myself. I sat beside a large plant pot...well, I was going to say flower pot, but the plant's not a flower, so a plant pot it is.

I waited for trainers to retrieve their Pokémon and walk out. I tailed a female trainer, who was wearing a very very short skirt. And yesh, I glanced up for a bit, and it was pink. Shame on me, eh? Blame the ‘human male urges’ within me. Whatever. At least I'm out now.

Pink... Huh, I almost forgot that I'm wearing a pink collar.

I quickly turned towards the nearest alley and hid myself in the shadows. It's still bright and sunny, despite the strong rain that occurred last night.

Hm... I need to look like I'm not hiding from human eyes. I did it last night, so it shouldn't be a problem if I try it again, right?

Eh, I think I'll need a few props to look like I'm already ‘owned’. I looked around and saw a box of some kiddie meal from a fast-food restaurant or something. There was nothing inside, but at least the box looks like it's just recently thrown here. This'll do.

I bit the cardboard handle and walked out of the alley. I walked on the streets, amongst humans and a few Pokémon following their trainers. Eyes fell on me, but most of them ignored me. Most of them, 'cause a few of them stopped and stared at me, wondering who on earth was my lazy trainer for ordering an Eevee to buy meals for him. Some found my little pretend to be cute for doing my trainer a favor. I just rolled my eyes at them.

Whatever. At least I'm now in front of Bill's door. His name's engraved on the wooden door. I spat the box I was carrying and stared at the knob.

The doorknob's too high for me to reach though, for some strange reason, so I quickly ran to the alley between Bill's and some house. The windows are closed shut, like at front. I walked to the other alley, and yeah, windows are also closed. Darn... I wonder if there's a backyard or something...

Eh, no. Exactly behind the back wall of the house is another wall of a tall building, leaving no spaces for even dust to enter in between...

Hm... I could try and poke the windows, and hope that I could open them?

Eh, nope... All windows are closed shut and tight. ...a pet door perhaps?

Still a no... Sigh... This is getting frustrating...

“Need a paw?”

My ears stood up as I looked up, and saw a Meowth lazily lying on his back on the window sill.

...strange that I didn't even notice him there 'til now. Maybe he just got here?

“Eh, yes please?”

He smiled. “And what's in it for me?”

...darn it... Hm...

“Uh...maybe there's a fridge inside and some...Magikarp fillet?”

“Heh... So you're bribing me to steal food?”

“'d rather want trashed food?”

“I like how you think,” he stood up and jumped beside me. Cats have great jumping abilities, even in this world, it seems.

He gestured for me to follow him, and we went to one of the alleys, and stared at a window.

“Can't let any humans see us breaking in under the clear day, eh?” He lifted a finger and a very sharp and shiny nail poked out as he grinned.

He slid his nail on the window in a circle, and afterwards, he carefully pulled it out. Wow... That was the first time I ever saw something like that in real life. I mean, they're common in movies, but come on, it felt so impossible to do realistically!

Anyway, he jumped on the window sill and extends a paw towards me. He helped me up, and pulled the window curtain up before we went inside.

Bill's home's...gloomy. Well, the curtains did shield the sun's light. We were in the living room, and the two of us jumped on the sofa and then on the floor.

“Nice place,” the Meowth commented as we stared at the neatly arranged furniture, paper stacks, magazines, and books.

The place doesn't really look anything special though, except for his flat-screen t.v. It has a lot of wirings crawling up from a wall behind it, and continued to a room beyond.

I heard a faint and cold hiss, and saw an orangey light from another room. That was probably the kitchen, and...

“Hello, my love...” ...Meowth was already rummaging through the refrigerator.

I shook my head and went to the other room where the wires were going. The door was opened slightly. The wires probably stopped it from closing completely. I lightly pushed the door open, and I was greeted with a room far messier than my own room being hit by a tropical storm. Papers, folders, pen and pencil were littered everywhere. There was a computer on a table filled with other pieces of paper, a bed of papers, a chair of papers, a shelf of papers, and a drawer of papers...

Damn, these are a lot of papers. I looked at the walls, and saw a few pictures stuck on them. There was a calendar, and it was filled with small notes, and one date was circled red. Walking on the sea of papers and jumping on the bed of papers, I leaned closer to the calendar. The circled date was Saturday, and there was a note there.

‘Meeting with Professor Oak’

So he did went to Kanto... Sigh...

I wonder if I could get into the train. Since he went to see Professor Oak, then Bill probably went to Pallet Town.

I nodded to myself. Yeah, that's probably a good plan. Besides, it'll be cool to visit Kanto, especially Pallet Town. I just hope that Red and Green are there and not Ash.

I looked around the room again. I don't want many people around when I try and get inside the train, so yeah, I guess I'll just wait for the day to be over.

Hm... Well, while I'm here, I might as well do some research. If Bill went to see Oak, then he's also probably researching for whatever caused all Pokémon to be unable to evolve. A good place to start a search would be on his computer.

I jumped off the bed and went to the system unit that sat under the computer table. I turned it on and jumped on a chair, and waited for it to boot.

Password... Darn. Erm...

Eevee? Eh, no. Pokémon? Nope... Bill? No... Hm... Inventions? Gah...

I jumped down and pulled the power cord. Sigh...

Well, the sea of papers should hold some valuable—

“I'll save this fish for later... Now...” I heard Meowth's delighted voice echo around the house.

I roll my eyes as I began to fish something interesting from the sea of papers...

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