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    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
    lmao, you're silly xD I just love using <3 a lot. That's probably why! Hope you're stay is going well!
    Oh, okay.
    Well I really enjoy my stay here, thanks. I feel like I can finally get to know people! :D

    P.S. Sorry for late response, very busy lately...

    Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
    Rainie! <3 I've already welcomed you in your thread but heck, why not do it again? I'll say that you do seem like a very interesting person so PC is pretty lucky to have you around. I started Pokemon around the age of 8 or so and it really did help me learn English, too. Thanks to school and Pokemon, I'd learned so much in only a few months. ♥
    Thanks for your time posting this! <3
    It's good to hear that other people use games to learn about the game's language whenever is English or any other language. I really think that the best way to learn a language is to first learn the basics... and then learn all the other advanced words by using the fun!

    I actually think that my description about my Pokemon adventures wasn't enough. So...let's see why not writing it here?
    Okay, so I started playing Pokemon Diamond,Pearl and Platinum. I firstly played it using my friend's NDS, and I really started liking it. I joined the dark-I mean the hacker side and bought a R4i. I learned how to hack and stuff quickly, impressing my friends. It had fun...until I finished the game.
    I moved on to Heart Gold and Soul Silver, beating the game for the first time with no hacks. I was really happy, but still the game was boring. Then, I started playing Pokemon Ranger games which I like the most. Then, Pokemon Black/White came out! That's where I was amazed. Finally animations! But, no following Pokemon...Indeed I like walking with Pokemon, like millions of other Pokemon fans.
    Now I usually restart other hacked roms I have and try to do it...the legal way. No hacks. And I must say that is really funtastic! Games I never managed to play are Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Red and seriously now, I don't even remember all the Gameboy Pokemon roms, so let's just say I never had a Gameboy and so I never experienced these games. But! I'm looking forward to!