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    Created by Khkramer
    Pokémon Eon is a game I've been working on for some time now, back when my account was 'nintendork15', I stopped working on it for a short while, and changed accounts due to reasons. A few months back I opened RPG Maker XP and started going through Eon again, changing things, updating it, and working on it again, aaand got hooked. So, I'm officially working on it again, and before Christmas 2013 I hope to have a working Demo.

    Everyone knows the some Pokémon have come from space, some just from the moon, but others from the deep dark space, where humans have never stepped, one Pokémon, Deoxys, was unstable,just a mere contact with certain meteors allowed it to change form, boosting it's stats depending on it's current state. Humans were in confusion and shock with this wonderful Pokémon. Many experiments took place, seeing what it can and can't react to, and first it appeared it had only four formes, Normal, Attack, Defence, and Speed. Until a Deoxys was spotted in the deep regions of space, a terrifying form, as scientists watched it engulf a planet, it appears Deoxys had a space form, with a black hole encrusted into it's stomach, in fear scientists sent various space pokemon up to fight it off, and thankfully succeeded, but they don't know how Deoxys' can come to this form, so who knows if it could happen again...

    Meanwhile in the small town of Lilac, you are awoken to your father telling you Professor Fable wants to see you, to no doubt give you a Pokémon, and allow you to travel the world in search of pokemon, he lets you get on your way, when outside you're greeted by Axel, Fable's son, who challenges you to a fight, not knowing you have no partner yet. He allows you to pass, to recieve a pokemon, and you reach the lab receiving one of Coran's Very own Pokémon (beta 1 it's Kanto Starters). You leave for your journey, coming across the mysterious Team Cosmos, and various Gym Leaders and tough challenges.
    Can you get through it all and become the Champion?

    - Lovely GBA graphics.
    I have a love for Gen 3/GBA Graphics, so it's only natural my game is going to feature the Graphics from the 3rd Gen of Pokémon.
    - 4 New Types
    Fairy, Space, Light and Sound (Type chart to be updated/Made)
    - Return of the Pokégear
    Containing the Phone, Map and Jukebox
    - 2 New Regions
    Why have one new Region in a fan game to explore, when you can now have two?
    - A Few Gen VI Pokémon
    Sylveon, and the starters will be present.
    - New Deoxys Forme
    Deoxys now has a Orbit Forme
    -Possibly Fakémon
    This is only a small possibility. Not confirmed or anything.


    The World Map:
    I've manage to find the old world map I had on my old hardrive.

    and I'll be using it again.
    Here's the areas mapped and completed so far.

    Current Progress:
    I've currently mapped and scripted upto the city with the 2nd gym in, currently I've got to make up till the 3rd Gym (4th if I've enough time) then I'm considering releasing a Beta Demo, I may need Beta/Alpha testers during the next few months, if you wanna help, please ask.
    Next on my ToDo list:
    OW Sprite Gym Leaders, and Battle Sprite.

    Beta 1:
    Planned - Christmas 2013~

    Maruno - Essentials V12.2
    Carmaniac - Pause Menu V2/Getting me re-motivated
    DudebotJones - Testing
    Khkramer - Logo
    Litera-Sure - Sprites
    Dewitty - Backgrounds
    -Morality Complex Team-
    Elizia-TheIllegalGod - Conecpts/Characters
    I'mCatman - Characters
    RezaTeitaka - Characters

    Bye. C:


    Just strollin' to my next destination...