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I just realized I made a huuuge grammar derp in one of my last posts. wow. xD

Originally Posted by Pickle-Spaghetti View Post
Everything's goin great :D hope everything is goin great with you too~ last generation i picked snivy immediately. It wasn't difficult for me either XD I think the pokemon x and y anime will be better than the black and white series as well. Good year for pokemon I'd say
I'm actually excited for the anime as well :D I'm so glad Ash is a little older (and a little more mature) than in the last few seasons, he looks 15 imo! I can't wait to see many of the Pokemon in action, especially Fennekin's evo :D

Originally Posted by PixieCircle8 View Post
Hi there!
Seems like good to come here, by the way i just wondering about the html and codes at the signature for showing the '?' mark on a word and then shows up some words. I'm going to use it, nee..
Anyone can help me? /ha
The forum here does not accept any form of HTML coding sadly. PC accepts a washed-down version of CSS, and we have a page where you can see all of the BB codes you can use. And there's also the CSS help section where there's a ton of helpful hints in creating your CSS siggy. <3 I can also be of help, don't hesitate to message me~

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