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I really enjoy the Mana Khemia sountrack as well! Such an awesome game...anyroad.

Some of my fav OST's are

Sonic Unleashed

The combination of internationally inspired upbeat music during the day and internationally charged jazz at night just makes the seperation between Night and Day more apparent. Every single area feels fully unique, and it adds a sense of familiarity as you start to get a sense of what each area is based from.

Rooftop Run (Day)

Windmill Isle (Night)

Savannah Citadel (Day)

Werehog Night Battle Suite

Shamar Hub (Day)

Shamar Hub (Night)

Monster Hunter Tri (and 3 Ultimate)

A Sweeping Epic Score, makes every fight amazing!

Main Theme

Brachydios Theme


Usurpers of a Solitary Island
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