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Originally Posted by Michonne View Post
Yeah, Carl is certainly becoming an interesting character as of late because of how cold he is becoming. While all of the characters are certainly losing any amount of civil behavior that they had left, Carl is losing it at a much more rapid pace than the others. He is really becoming more comparable to Shane now than his own father. It will be interesting to see if he finds his old self in this season and becomes a bit more civil and caring or if he continues down this dark and cold path to the point to where he becomes a danger to the rest of the group.
Mature oh this is just the beginning for his character development in the comics it is fairly slow compared to how much he does later on where his character is really put in the spot light.

Also to bad the twins weren't in the tv show because one of them was supposed to kill its twin and carl would shoot him because he was a liability to the group which really showed how mature he has become and possibly foreshadowing that he could be just as cruel as his father is when situations get bad or not in the groups favor. With the twins I can understand because having another child shoot another child is wrong and wouldn't be in the good books with the media like whith michonne when something was supposed to happen to her really bad with the guv'.

Also there is a certain thing that happens to carl but it wont be this season since they have yet to finish everything with the guv his major character development starts now but it goes very slowly after that and well... it goes very rapid and BAM PLOT TWIST!er

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