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Chapter 20
There were a few of those papers that were just filled with data about different Pokémon, and some comparisons between the ‘then’ and ‘now’. I think Bill was researching if there were any changes within a Pokémon after their inability to evolve. Unfortunately, he found no changes.

There are also files about the different teams assigned to investigate in different regions, and the summaries of their findings, which was...none of any significance, except for what Mewtwo have told a few researches in Hoenn.

I have also learned that a team in the Kalos region have spotted Celebi and Mew flying east. Of course, they were unable to catch their attentions, nor have they managed to capture a picture. Still, that information was very useful. At least now I know that it's useless to wait for Celebi in Ilex Forest.

There was also a team tasked to go and look for Arceus in the Sinnoh region. Since he's known as the God of Pokémon, it's quite understandable that they'll seek his knowledge of what happened. Unfortunately, locating the Pokémon was close to impossible, but the team were still looking for ways to make contact.

I also managed to dig up Bill's worn diary. The first page contained his computer's password. I plugged the computer back in and booted it up. It was difficult to type with paws though, but manageable. Anyway, I hit the Enter key, and it accepted the password.

The computer's O.S. is...I dunno what this is. It's not Windows nor Mac, nor anything I've seen back on earth. But whatever. That's not important.

“Wat'cha lookin' for?” Meowth asked, licking his paws as he sat on the bed. not entirely sure why I'm doing this research... To kill the time, maybe? I am, after all, waiting for the night so I can sneak into the train.

“Just...doing some research about why Pokémon can't evolve anymore...” I replied as I opened a folder labelled ‘important’. Using a mouse with paws is too freaking difficult! I miss my thumbs!

“Oh?” Meowth said. “Huh, I actually forgot all about that.”

I stopped and looked at him in shock. Seriously? Evolution is one of the greatest things a Pokémon can achieve, and he just ‘forgot’ that no Pokémon can evolve?

“You're kidding, right?”

He shrugged and resumed cleaning himself by licking his paw and rubbing it around his body. “I guess it doesn't really affect me much. In fact, I think it's a blessing.”

“Pl...please enlighten me...”

“Hey, things are fair now. No more overly powerful evolved Pokémon pushing us weak and unevolved Pokémon around. It's a win for me, and good riddance for that dum ol' Persian.”

Ah...huh... Territorial rivalry... Okay then... Still, I got nothing else to do to pass the time, so I might as well see what's up.

I didn't realize the hours I spent there though, searching for something, but I was thankful for the time on the lower-right of the screen. It was already six in the evening. Though my search ended up as nothing, at least I did managed to kill the time.

I shut the computer down and made my way towards the fridge and pulled some meat from the freezer after pushing a chair to climb on. Thankfully, Bill has an oven, so I placed the meat inside and set the oven to the appropriate settings, and waited.

After a few minutes of waiting, the smell of deliciously cooked meat made my stomach growl and woke Meowth up, who fell asleep on the bed of papers.

“Mm... Never knew you can cook!” Meowth said, jumping on the counter and sat beside me. “I could have asked you to cook those tuna cans I ate earlier.”

I shrugged. “You didn't ask. And oh, do you have a name?”

“Just call me Kit.”


“Weird name for an Eevee.”

I shrugged again. “Not the first time I've heard someone said that to me.”

“Heh, so anyway...” Kit turned to the oven, staring at the cooked meat under the orange light. “You plan on living here and wait for that inventor?”

For an inventor, I am yet to see any of his inventions around. Maybe they're all in the attic?

I shook my head. “No. I don't think I can wait for a month or two for him to be back.”


“So... I'm going to ride the train to Kanto.”

Kit was about to react when the lights from the oven was gone and a ‘ding’ sound from it startled him.

“And dinner is ready!” I opened the oven and went to grab some cloth to grab the hot tray, but Kit beat me to it by hungrily pulling the tray out, and yelped as he dropped the tray of meat down on the floor. “Careful,” I deadpanned, “it's obviously hot.”

He shot me a glare. “You could have told me that before you opened this damn cooking box machine, you know!”

Kit jumped down and kicked the tray that covered the meat. I just remembered that he's a street cat, and he might claim it all to himself!

He looked up at me with an angry frown. “So, oh so wise one. How will we cut this in half?”

I blinked. Cut in half? Now that I think about it, he also did cut that burger in half...

His frown deepened. “Meowth to Eevee. Hello?”

I snapped back and shook my head. “Oh, uh, sorry...”

He just glared at me some more. “I'm getting hungrier by the minute here, so don't force me to eat this for myself.”

I pulled out a small knife from the silverwares and jumped on a chair and then to the floor. Kit just shook his head. What? It was a very high jump from the counter to the floor! I'm not a cat.

I put the knife on the floor in between us.

“Use this.”

He took it, studied it, shrugged, and started cutting the meat with the dull edge of the knife.

“Um... Wrong side.”

He jerked a bit before turning the knife to the right edge. “I knew that.”

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