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    Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
    Personally I think too many people get caught up in appearances. This is true in the real world as well. There is not a single design flaw that I can see in any of the Pokemon we've seen so far. Not one. Nit-picking one feature or another when we know next to nothing about the Pokemon themselves is really quite off-puting. I tell you, I would rather have the most disgusting-looking Pokemon if it also proved to be the most valuable Pokemon on my team.
    That's all well and good, but not everyone approaches Pokemon with the same philosophy. Not to be too presumption, but it would appear that you prefer efficiency over aesthetics. Again, we don't all share the same opinion. There are those that collect Pokemon purely based on appearance, type, gender, you name it. Hell, I remember reading about someone who's main satisfaction from the game derives from collecting and evolving Eevees. More power to them and if you ask me, that's the beauty of it all. It's not as if the single player is so taxing that it requires you to have the "strongest" possible lineup to progress. Like I said, collecting Pokemon is one of the games main attractions. It should come as no surprise that a lot of people will make their selections based on style and theme.

    On topic, I'm still flip-flopping between Fennekin and Froakie. The fact that Greninja is, well, a ninja has me leaning towards Froakie. His tongue is so stylish.