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218907 = XY = 1 * 218907

Might as well get one more number in before XY receive their official U.S./English release in a few hours and start wreaking havoc on the Internet (not like they haven't already XD).

Originally Posted by BinaryPeaches View Post

TCTI has become like the runt or something idk. DLTMS0 got a new version recently but this poor thing is still so low. I think 'Ban the user above you' actually has more replied and it was recreated more recently.

looool that's great.
Aww, don't worry, TCTI, we still love you.

Also, Nintendo? Um, Mewtwo (and/or Pokemon Trainer + Charizard, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Zoroark, and/or Genesect) confirmed for SSB4...any day now.....pretty please? I mean, it's perfect timing! And by "Mewtwo", I mean him:


and not it/"her" idontknowhwatyouaretalkingabout;thisthingdoesntexist LALALALA! (although I'm all for Classic!Mewtwo using Mega Mewtwo (Y) and/or Psycho Break as part of a potential Final Smash...)
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