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    Originally Posted by flagge View Post
    read through the story looks interesting. The graphics are looking pretty sexy for Gen 3.
    Now comes a few questens of me ^^
    -The 4 extra types will they be added/changed on pokemon ? Could be good if you can balance them well.
    -From wich gen will the pokemon be?
    -What about trade evolution?

    And I`d like to be a Beta/Alpha Tester just give me a pm.
    Various pokemon will be given new types.
    Clefairy Fairy/Space
    Deoxys Space
    Gengar Shadow
    Solrock Light, etc.

    The Pokedex is custom made featuring 210 pokemon listed by me.
    Trade Evoloutions will be changed for Happiness Evo's

    Closer to beta date I shall contact you.

    Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
    Ah, I see this has been slightly revived!

    I really like the visuals of the maps, such as the forest skylights. The towns look fairly comfy as well, being fairly designed around the edges of the map. It's sorta balanced between tight and spacious, and the mountains and trees are placed in great locations!

    And I never new you were Nintendork! :P
    I remember we discussed a probable community project WAY back in the beginning of the year lol
    Thanks, I do like to keep my maps nice and detailed, graphics and visuals are key priority to me.
    Just need to get better at spriting.
    And yep, I'mma nintendork :I

    Just strollin' to my next destination...