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    Right now I'm currently working on a Terminator Themed RPG, Where it is in the Future and during the future war against The Machines (Skynet) and It will be about A nine man strike team from John Connor's Tech-Comm Unit against Skynet.

    It will be based on What James Cameron wrote, in which that means No Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation never happened due to the way MC.G did not portray the war and T-600 accurately.

    What I'm writing is The Nine Man strike team were apart of the Mission that helped Kyle Reese make it back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor. And further explain on how Perry (The 2nd person who was supposed to be with Kyle Reese in 1984) did not make it.

    Also at the same time How this strike team Helped John Connor acquire the Terminator from Terminator 2 and sending it back in time in 1994 to protect his child self.

    Then after all that The Nine Man team would have to go back in time, I was thinking perhaps maybe preventing a Time Paradox of another Skynet invasion or something to that effect. I was even thinking protecting one of the other Commanders of Tech Com and the Nine man Strike team would have to go back.

    It is in the process but I was thinking we start it in the battle fields due to the fact I always wanted to see the characters more in the future war battle field. Any suggestions would be awesome : )