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✿ Serena - October 12, 2013

Ivan (Snivy) - L9 - Hardy
Truex (Sewaddle) - L9 - Jolly
Kenseth (Pidove) - L8 - Careful
Brad K. (Psyduck) - L6 - Bashful
Johanna L. (Azurill) - L5 - Hardy
I've met up with Bianca at Aspertia City, she was waiting for me to give me a Pokemon and a Pokedex for my journey. She showed me three Pokemon: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. Granted, I've decided on Snivy, and named him Ivan. Because you's an Ivy Snake Pokemon...kinda? Well, anyways, Then I met up with my, rival, named John. He had his Tepig, and then we both battled. Of course, I kicked his butt, seeing that Ivan and I could really bond quickly.

I'd see John later on in Floccesy City, Bianca taught me the basics of being a Pokemon trainer, like catching Pokemon, using the Pokemon Center, etc. She even handed me 10 Pokeballs to get started. Later on, I walked on Route 19 and captured two Pokemon on the way. One was a Pidove. I'm a huge NASCAR fan, so I've decided to name all the Pokemon I captured after NASCAR drivers. So, with the Pidove I captured, I nicknamed it Kenseth (after Matt Kenseth). Shortly thereafter, I arrived to Floccesy City and skipped on over to Route 20, where I captured my third Pokemon, Sewaddle. Due to its eventual nurturing of its evolved form, Leavanny, I named him Truex, after Martin Truex Jr.

Arriving at Floccessy Ranch after battling a dozen trainers out there (which strengthened my three Pokemon a bit). I met with John once again and we battled. I noticed his Tepig grew was at Level 8. Truex was the lowest of the three, but I made him go first...until I called him back and released Ivan to battle. It was a no brainer for the three of them, as I defeated John once again. He wasn't all that mad, really.

He then helped me out with finding a missing Herdier which belonged to the ranch owners. In the meantime, I ran into more Pokemon in the wild. I caught two water-type Pokemon that I had never seen before ever. One was a Psyduck (named Brad K., after Brad Keselowski), and an Azurril named Johanna. I now have five Pokemon in my Party, but I felt that I was missing something.

Until next time, journal. ★

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