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    Originally Posted by Rezilia View Post
    AI means free will. Not always emotion but atleast free will. Every machine we make CANNOT HAVE any AI if it is to be under us. Anything with free will is equal to us - just as animals are actually equal to us. Heck, we ARE animals. With the way things are going, we will eventually also be machines! (I hope not a full conversion but you get my point.) We can make a new humanoid species which is a machination with AI - but we must live alongside it, not over it.
    I have a pet dog, so technically it is below me. My dog has emotions, feelings, and free will yet when I tell him to sit he obeys. He respects my authority over him for whatever reason. Who's to say that robots won't be the same?
    I'm not cruel to my dog, he is well fed, loved, and has and will never be neglected. He hasn't tried to overthrow me and enslave my family. I doubt he would even if he had the capability.
    He is intelligent, but my superiority is real. AI is not free will, but the capacity for automated response from all real world stimuli.

    I didn't like typing this out by the way, I love Archie and I don't like to put myself in the shoes of the almighty superior authority. But that is the blunt reality.

    Anyway I had a thought, hypothetically imagine AI robots managed to integrate into human society seamlessly and take on active working roles among society. Do you suppose the manufacturers would want to build the most powerful and genius (compared to human standards) robot to be put in leadership roles, or make the bare minimum to have them pick up the less desirable jobs, leaving room for people to inherit in a sense the more sought after roles?
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