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Originally Posted by Famon View Post
PS : Mods , We are discussing If Pokemon XY series should be BW series Or NOT ! So its not a Spam . First I said the mistake BW had Then I explain how everybody would want XY series to like . If You read the full Post then you will see that I'm not even comparing DP with BW here .

Just because some minority think BW is good & DP is a nightmare doesn't mean majority of Fan's (Specially Ash-fans) has to suffer another BW nightmare !
Before you call yourself majority , Read The Atmosphere !
I'm pretty sure nobody want a series Where -

-1) Ash is inferior to a rookie because he/she is the first rival Ash met !

-2) Ash losing all his development after all trouble he get though for that development because some idiot writer decide to reboot an In-rebootable character .

-3) Stupid rushed tournament with cheap 1 on 1 battle.

-4)Boring Gym battle with no creative battle tactic and a final 6 vs 3 gymbattle !

-5) Most Cast Pokemon are undeveloped ! Ash team's look more like a ''Team Baby'' !

-6) A shot league with stupid filler where Ash got demoted by losing to a idiot who didn't even used a 6TH POKEMON .

-7) Wasting Charizard return with pathetic saga where it just a replacement for Unfezant.

-8) A stupid filler saga with no quest or plot ! Just Ash & little Pokemon friend dancing in a forest . Seriously , If you believe that Kids simple like to see some Kids going on an adventure cute Animal then don't you think everybody could a billionaire by making Kids Anime like this and sold its toys ???? Pokemon reach high peck of Popularity because it had something more then Some Kids going on a quest with their cute Animal friend !

Ask anyone here because I don't think anyone want to see the repeat of all those event accept you ! Because those event were pathetic and only reason anyone try to show them as good idea would be because he/she is related to the idiot's who came up with those idea !
However , Majority of People would want A series That total opposite of BW Series , Such as -

-I) Ash to have real main rival who doesn't need to beat Ash to prove he/she's strong or create Competition.Example : Blue (Pokespe) , Koga (Pokemon DPA) .

-II) Ash will be superior to all Rookie's and act as their Mentor & Idol.

-III) Ash keep all his development and become even more competent & Badass ! Also for him to retain the Arrogance , Drive to Win and Playfulness he once had in Original series .

-IV)Good Tournament like Wallace cup with great battle ! Also A Double Battle Tournament & A triple Battle Tournament!

-V) A series that has Humor like the Kanto Series Or Sgt Frog ! But it will also have in-depth plot like DP Series ! A series that won't going to sacrifice Ash & the plot for the sake of pointless humor that isn't even funny !

-VI)Exciting Gym battle with creative tactic like DP series.

-VII) Fully Developed Pokemon Like DP & AG !

-VIII) Charizard returning on a real Saga with a Plot Or Quest Where Ash going to use him in some serious Battle against some powerful rival.

-IX) A longer league with no meaningless filler which Ash win's ! And if he lose's then he would lose to someone deserving and achieve a higher rank then the previous League's .

-X) A Plot Based filler Saga ! Or a PMT Saga !

If You like Series Where Protagonist makes a fool out of himself then go and watch ''Doreamon'' Because Nobita makes a good fool out of him in every episode .
But Pokemon Ain't Doreamon !
Kids exception from Pokemon is different from Doreamon .
Your not Ash-fan so You dont get it .
But all other other real Ash-fan doesn't want to see Ash being humiliate in XY the same way he was humiliate in BW !

Famons just don't know when to stop being a fool.

A real Ash fan will know that DP was a piece of trash.

BW series had great battles, great character development, interesting battle Tournments, and a great Pokemon League, the Decolore saga was something interesting and different for a change, Ash's Unova team was pure badass.

XY is turning out to be looking great so far, i can see Ash getting a Skiddo and a Litleo as his next Pokemon.

XY anime series does seem like it will be a mixed of all the past Pokemon series put together.