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I tend to be a bit behind when I play the newer Pokemon games. I didn't get Soulsilver until a year after release, then I didn't play White until a few months after release, and now I'm playing White 2 a year after release. It's more likely I'll be playing XY eventually after release. You see a pattern I have here? :P

Originally Posted by iminjungle11 View Post
Hello i'm new and i know alot about pokemon and my fav type is dragon because why not.
favourite gen is III well FR and LG also E fav pokemon is either salamence or darkrai!
Dragonair is my favorite dragon type, alongside Zekrom and Altaria. Welcome aboard! You'll find many other dragon type fans around here. :3

Originally Posted by KawaiiFutureFriend View Post
I feel so out of place because I'll never play X or Y.

Oh well, either way, hi everyone. Figured I'd come over here to the New Users' Hangout, because I'm a new user, and I would love to hang out. This place was made for people like me! Now I don't feel so out of place anymore. Yayifications!
See? you may not have your copy of XY but you are still part of the community no matter the circumstances. I don't have my own either, but oh well! Watching others play seems like fun, actually. xD Welcome aboard! You are never out of place here. ^___^

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