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I hope we can post Staff Feedback more than once...? If so, I'd like to take my time with all my thoughts and stuff.

Firstly, the whole h-staff and admins handle the forums exceptionally well. I appeal to their systematic and diligent nature and am of course quite impressed by the whole system of management around the place. Voicing your opinions isn't so easy around here, but that also means that the bad ones go easily avoided. I remember quite a few "eccentric" suggestions in CQ&F and was glad to see minor debates sparking up too.

Breaking through the sugarcoating, I'd like to say that this place is alright. Minor problems here and there but... nothing that doesn't go away after it's noticed. That's the best part, I think. Immediately you guys take on a problem and eliminate it. The forums being open to public suggestions is a good idea for the transparency of things, regardless of the dislike of negative opinions that may or may not have sparked up in the past.

An ode to the Site Admin of this forum:
Never personally met you save for you solving a problem with regard to activating my email for this account. But that doesn't rather have to leave you an ominous outlook, you're in fact the only person who no-one can stand up to around here. And that means a lot, since you've got to look around here and solve the problems every time. Visited PPN Studio and it's pretty cool as well. So some kind of a memento for owning the forums.

not forgetting the founder Master Kwesi Nkromah who did a lot back in the days unknown to me and basically necromanced this forum into existence

An ode to the Staff Administrators of this forum:
It's cool. Nothing more can be said lol because you guys probably do much work behind the scenes along with Rukario. I know a certain Ausaudriel who is completely fail at programming this community and doesn't know the first thing when it comes to handling a forum. Alright, so I guess you're pretty much awesome for doing that. I haven't really seen Morkula around but I suppose everyone hangs out somewhere... sometimes. Sylphiel made that filler page picture of Joltik eating up a poor Porygon a while back and I was pretty inspired by the art. Hiroshi Sotomura, on the other hand, is always around here and there to help out the community at times (apart from doing that hack thing I recently played) so credits to him.

You guys also come around and help us out and thus are very informative and unbiased. Before I went on, I remembered to remember a certain Went who has been quite active around the forums as well and basically fit in the descriptions I so unnecessarily repeated for almost every other staff aforementioned. So some kind of memento for leading the forums.

An ode to the Super Moderators of this forum:
Why look who came here! After a sudden swap of two beloved S-Mods I suddenly feel confused about who is who and what is what. Nevertheless sometimes I fall down when it comes to this. S-Mods are more "personal" in a level than Admins so I guess that makes them easier to rate than Admins. I feel all S-Mods are well-deserving of their place (no exceptions) and they have been justified at their high place in the forums. There is two or three things to watch out for in the forums, and one of them is bobandbill. He comes in the guise of a flying doughnut and wrecks havoc with a sledgehammer. That apparently means he solves most problems around the community that borderline between personal and community level. Also heading the BBS I may have a lot to say about his humour and writing. Coincidentally, he's S-Mod of SPPF Forums as well so I get that this takes Effort with the capital E intended. I remember Razor Leaf when he gave me my first emblem (for my birthday). Back then he was still a mod, so I was quite surprised to see him promoted when I came back from my second LOA. Since then he's done much for the community and improved transparency in the business. Probably even longer I should think of TwilightBlade who confuses me with all this RNG stuff and thus makes me want to buy a 3DS and join the tutoring program, Other than that perhaps throwing pictures of cute kittens and puppies on the VM Page is a good pass time activity highly suggested by Olli97.

I know that all these great S-Mods were once Moderators at one time, but looking back I don't see them as regular members though. As I've mentioned before they borderline between mods and admins so that means they must get the best of both worlds. And besides wow to Captain Fabio for sticking around this long and helping out the forums this long. He's really understanding and a good person in general. Not counting Livewire and Astinus who both recently got promoted since I haven't seen much of their S-Modding around but they're pretty awesome so far! In general, you guys give prolonged inspiration to everybody and bestow (at least to me) a sense of unity among the community. I suggest a better name for you guys could be "Executive Staff" or something of the sort because that may just describe you guys well. So some kind of memento for handling the forums.

An ode to the Moderators of this forum:
WOW YOU GUYS ROCK SO MUCH I'M GOING TO WRITE THE FIRST THREE SENTENCES IN CAPS. COOL, RIGHT? NOW LET'S GO ON. I'm going to make you guys go anti-walls of text for this one, I hope. Due to the constant switching of staff at this level, it's hard for me to cling on to a certain Moderator for long before finding that he/she is promoted/demoted. Coming back, I remember a few ex-staff who were dear and missed by many, I've learnt to form a General Opinion about you guys instead. Right from the day I joined till this date and maybe for long in the future, I had and will fear you guys (and obviously all those guys I mentioned before) till the bean. I've mentioned this quite a few times, but being accountable to all these geez around the forums must be hard. Some places like the TCG and Trade Corner I wish I was in, I dearly wish I had a few cards to talk about because I happen to love cards, but it's sad to see inactivity prominent around the TCG nowadays. I only dabble in theory, but perhaps X&Y will increase activity around Alternative Pokémon Discussions? It sure does make a difference to see pep in certain forums, and that's what moderators are all about. Many moderators have managed to bring life in forums, and POKÉMON GENERAL is no exception. The thing about POKÉMON GENERAL is that Brendino and RHCP have managed to bring life to POKÉMON GENERAL so much that POKÉMON GENERAL has become more than twice as active as POKÉMON GENERAL simply because the duo manage POKÉMON GENERAL like bosses. It saddens me to see that the "é" in the heading is not capitalized, by the way. You may want to change that to increase the coolness of POKÉMON GENERAL.

Going to the X&Y forums makes me feel like going back out, though. It's too intense for me! I feel regret of not having X&Y so I hang out in other places. That's why I don't form an opinion on Suicune™ or Artemis. Fifth Generation Gaming does get a lot of frequent and I'm not surprised. I happen to personally love the forum but I don't feel like going there these days due to my unavailability of any Pokémon games above III Gen. The Trade and Battle Centers are not frequented by me much and I attribute that to my lack of availability of any games above III Gen. I thought that was gonna change when I bought my 3DS, but it so happens that I didn't (yet). Thus I regret to say there are many forums unexplored by me and I am not able to do you moderators around those parts justice... terribly sorry, guys. I'm sure you're great!

After the short skim on POKÉMON GENERAL, The other alternative discussions are handled very well. EternallyAnna does a high amount of justice to Pokémon Anime and because of EternallyAnna I find myself posting there sometimes. Honestly, you're awesome. Holding the baton, I go down to AN AWESOME FORUM CALLED POKÉMON CLUBBBBBBBBBS modded by the EVEN MORE AWESOME AlexOzzyCake and Olli97. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST MOD DUO EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (along with RHCP and Brendino that is) and I honestly say that you guys manage the place ****-and-span and always promote activity in the section. And Ozzy is a very nice guy to talk to, as well! You guys are awesome <3 . Then going to Pokémon Trivia... eh, I don't form a general opinion here. I'm too busy enjoying to ever think of what's going on. I hope this means mods are cool here. Going to General Pokémon Gaming Discussions, the place is not bad either. Sydian is an awesome pseudo-S-mod handling this whale of a forum, but... it's not that big and bustly, really. In all honesty, the only reason I came to the place was for talking about the Hoenn region but... I've got more reasons to stay there now. Fourth Generation is sort of a limbo now, I feel that the forum along with Fifth Generation Gaming should be shifted to another subforum, "Active Generation Gaming Discussions". But that's just me, I suppose. The place is swiftly moderated by Curious., so that's pretty fine. In general, Sydian's moderation along with the helping hand of Curious. makes this forum feel extremely homely, save for it being not that big and bustly.

Going to my hometown, Creative Discussions, this place can often get messy. This is probably because of the amount of people who come here in the guise of ROMing Hacks. Or Hacking ROMs, I think. I forget which. Anyway, the point is that at one time I came here in the guise of Hacking ROMs. I wasn't disappointed. That's how I met the Emulation & ROM Hacking forum. giradialkia is the first moderator I happen to meet at a time when every other forum seemed foreign to me. He's pretty good at modding along with Dr.Fuji who may just continue his awesome ROM Hack. You guys rock, seriously. The Roleplay Corner, we-elll... it could be a bit more friendly. I'm not holding a personal grudge or a complaint or a whine or anything here, but the place is a bit too intimidating for me. Never mind that, I'm sure all the RP'ers can beat me to a punch if I go on lol. I'm also sure Skymin and Magic Fox handle the place well. Fanfiction & Writing seems very nice and Astinus formerly managed it very well. He still manages it very well, and I think whoever gets the forum next will be closely watched by me (#spookystalkereyes). I wish I had more time and energy to contribute here with my fic and poems but... that's a story for another day, we may say! Game Development is another forum which I rightly feel should be headed by Maruno. I don't want to get very precise over here, but the thing is that I feel not many could take his place. He's a more no-nonsense guy, but extremely unbiased. I feel he's very just. ART & DESIGN OMG I LOVE YOU. My current abode and not surprised. Alexial is very nice and tends to be extremely helpful to the newcomers who do something against the rules and makes sure they don't leave with a sorry face. Derozio was an awesome former mod and will be missed. Inside Art & Design is my favourite forum, Pixel Art. I love the place and Logeidan totally lives up to everyone's expectations. True, it's not the most active forum but it IS rather nice. There are all sorts of people coming over there to get their pixels rated and even fun games in the subsection Pixel Projects. Logeidan is awesome on his own right and I wouldn't see that changing... ever.

Entertainment & Hobbies is not a section I visit, I'm sorry, so this adds to the list of my personal unexplored places. Mostly because I don't own any gaming console, I don't have much experience with computers and I don't have an advanced social lifestyle. I aim to change that, though. The moderators here especially ZachLMedia are very cool. In Off-Topic Discussions I see a lot of life because that's the place where all people are sure to stay. Chit-Chat & Polls has become somewhat like the fastfood hub of PC, and that's a compliment and not one at the same time. It has the most activity (not counting the Trivia forums) but it's a lot of post-and-go. There are not much discussions here, but I suppose that's about it. Shining Raichu and Vertigo are pretty nice... but they manage to mod this forum so well. That's not just that, it's just that I like the style of the place and the management seems to be good as well. As much as I'm intimidated to make a thread there, these guys are THE BOMB. I've seen three mods in D&D... Toujours, Livewire and the newly promoted Scarf. Honestly, Scarf is an awesome debater. I wouldn't step in there anytime soon without steel in me, so that says a lot. Other than that Scarf manages the forum well and has a better position than in Pixel Art. But I'm admitting Scarf is flawless in Pixel Art, too. I haven't even smelled Fan Clubs & Groups like... ever, so don't expect me to synopsis on that. I think I've clicked it for the first time today. Going on to Forum Games, like Pokémon Trivia I'm too busy having fun to judge it. It IS an awesome place to get feedback for your signatures and other things, though. That's why I always post in there as soon as I take a new sig.

I've only missed one forum now - The Welcome Lounge. Cirno does an awesome job and the place is handled very well. I rarely post there, but when I do, I see a big jump in my postcount! It's nice to welcome new members especially since they're coming to such an awesome forum. One thing I've noticed is that Cirno tries her best to welcome EACH AND EVERY newcomer. I give you that this is a forum that's always up but you can't exactly call it active... because it's not that kind of active we're talking about here.

All in all, you guys are so awesome and I hope you understand my intentions of capitalizing my first three most valuable sentences in my description about you guys. I wholeheartedly say that I love you guys. So some kind of memento for running the forums.

An ode to the Ex-Staff of this forum:
I have never seen a staff member who I thought was unworthy. You guys should be forever remembered somewhere. It's sad to see that there IS no Ex-Staff rank or a place to record all ex-staff, because I don't want to leave you guys forgotten. I know a certain Derozio who used to manage A&D very well and he was a good long-time moderator and I was sad to see him leave his place. I know another certain Dominic and he was a super-efficient ex-S-mod who recently left his position. I don't want to go on with my PC Ex-Staff Chronicles, so I'll leave it at that. So some kind of memento for making things that happened happen in the forums.

I've let out a lot about what I wanted to say here, and I made it an effort not to miss out a single name. While I'm singing my praises to you guys, I apologise for becoming more personal. Feel free to edit out/delete this post if considered necessary/redundant. To those mods who mod sections I don't frequent, I'll turn a new leaf and try to come back to you guys! Once again, I'm sorry I don't have much to say about you!


TL;DR : This site rocks, all thanks to staff.
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