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Chapter 21
Kit and I went out of Bill's home through the hole the Meowth created on the window. Before we left, however, we made sure that the few lights we turned on were off, the oven was unplugged, and the fridge was closed.

Unfortunately, as soon as my four paws landed on the ground, flashlights were lit on us, followed by an angry growl and a tired sigh.

After my eyes adjusted to the sudden torrent of bright lights, I saw the two Pokémon Control humans again, the same guys who chased me last night. In front of them were their loyal dog Pokémon, and behind them was a worried-looking Nurse Joy.

When I turned to my companion, the Meowth was already gone. There was a struggling noise up above, and when I looked up, I saw his curled tail disappearing on the rooftop.

Fighting, fleeing, or talking would be useless though, so I sighed and let Nurse Joy pick me up. The humans were heading towards the Pokémon Control building as they tried to talk to me of how much trouble I've caused. Nurse Joy voiced out her concern of my sudden disappearance from earlier.

I didn't pay them any attention though.

They stopped and waited for the pedestrian light to turn green. I stood on my hind paws and rested my front paws on the nurse's shoulder as I glanced at the large clock on the train station blocks away.

Six thirty-one... The sky is bluish black with a sprinkle of twinkling stars. No rain tonight, it seems.

I looked down and saw the two dogs were eyeing me. I ignored them as I looked around. There were a lot of humans waiting for the lights to change.

Hm... I wonder...

I turned to where the nurse was facing. Lots of humans on the other side of the road as well. And...there's a truck facing the station's direction.

Hm...'s worth a shot...

“Hey pup,” I blinked, and turned to my left, and saw Houndour stood beside the nurse, and was glaring at me. “Remember... Try anything funny, and I'll rip your head off.”


“Shut up!” he sharply turned to the Growlithe who was behind him. “I missed my afternoon nap because of that freaking kid!”

The pedestrian lights turned green. Humans started walking. The driver of the truck seemed to change gear. It was a pick-up truck. Perfect.

“Oi,” I called without looking. I felt my heart race. I'm feeling nervous, but I decided to ignore it as best as I could. “Wanna see crazy?” my tone failed to hide my nervousness though.

If the dogs said something, then I probably have missed hearing it because of the loud painful scream of Nurse Joy after I bit her arm. I quickly jumped towards the face of a woman before the nurse's flailing arms would throw me away. I kicked my paws again from the yelping face and my back landed on the chest of a man. He yelped as I fell on the concrete road. I scratched his foot and ran towards the truck, which was already passing by.

I jumped and barely managed to grab a hold as I heard a lot of fallen coins from the chaotic crowd. I gasped as I slipped, but a paw grabbed my paws and pulled me up to the truck.

“You owe me a lot of dollars, kid!” Kit grunted after I was finally inside the truck. “And I still think this is a dumb idea.”

I ignored him for a moment as I ran to a crate near the driver's seat. I climbed up on the crate and looked at the time.

“Six thirty-eight...” I then turned back to the Meowth. “What time is the train going to Kanto again?”

Kit deadpanned. “Gee, you're welcome. And Seven.”

My eye twitched as I ‘tsk'ed’. Twenty more minutes. No no... Just calm down... Just concentrate on going to the tra—

A loud thud echoed and Kit and I yelped as an angry Houndour growled at me. “That's it! You're dead!” and he fired a fierce flamethrower which I barely managed to dodge.

I was actually quite surprised that I was able to dodge it from how shocked and unprepared I was. I landed, but then the truck screeched to a stop, sending me towards the metal wall with a thud, along with Grindark and Kit.

The Houndour was beside me, and opened his mouth to bite me, but I swiped my paw on his eyes, making him yelp and jump back.

“What the devil—?” the driver said and gasped.

“Inside!” I shouted as I ran and jumped towards the driver's face. “Hurry!” I kicked my paws and landed on the driver's seat.

Kit nervously jumped inside as I jumped down and slammed my two paws on the gas, almost throwing me back when the truck suddenly moved forward. Kit yelped and was probably thrown back as the door slammed close.

“Wh-wh-w-what the hell are you doing?!”

“Grab the wheel!” I yelled back.

“Wh-what wheel?!”

“The steering wheel goddamni—ack!” The truck crashed on something, and I heard shouts and gasps as my head hit something solid and ouchful. I grit my teeth as I pulled Kit's tail, pulling him down. “This?! See this?!” I grabbed his scared head and made him stare at the gas pedal. “Push that thing down! Got it?!”

He mumbled something as I let him go and climbed back up on the driver's seat. I turned and stood on my hind paws and grabbed the steering wheel with my front paws as best as I could. Eh, we hit a expensive looking one as well...

Before I could tell Meowth to push it for Pete's sake, the passenger's door bursts open and Grindark was climbing up on the seat.

“You are SO dead, pup!”


The driver's door flew open and the frantic-looking driver looked at me in utter disbelief.

“NOW YOU USELESS CA—WHOA!!!” I was almost thrown back when Kit suddenly hit the gas. I turned the wheel to get away from the car we hit. We got away and the doors closed, one of them slammed on Houndour's yelping body. There were cars up ahead, and I did my best to steer and dodge them.

Six forty-two...

“C-can I stop now?!” Kit cried.

“You better stop now!” Grindark snarled as he grabbed on the seat for dear life.

“I'm tempted to slam this truck and turn you into a pancake!” I snarled back at him.


“Not you, Meowth!”

The station was close now...

“Brace yourselves!” I shouted as I sharply turned the steering wheel, turning it to the right and slamming on a concrete wall. The impact made me slam myself on the steering wheel and I almost lost all of the air in my lungs.

The windscreen shattered as the truck skidded and was slowly turning over, and when it finally did, it continued until the truck was up-side-down and finally skidded to a stop.

I groan as I felt a hot trail of liquid from my nose and head. As painful as I body was, I needed to move...

I pushed myself up, and saw both the Meowth and Houndour were knocked unconscious. I quickly ran outside through the broken windscreen and ran through the sea of humans who were thankfully ignoring me.

Six forty-five... Fifteen more minutes...

The people were so busy staring at the wrecked truck that I managed to slide through the sliding doors of the station. The air was cool, and I wiped my nose and head with a paw before running towards the train.

There was a ticket booth and waiting seats, but all were empty as all eyes were outside. Well, the train isn't empty at least, though the passengers were trying to have a good look at what happened through the windows. I managed not to get any attention as I walked inside the opened door, and quietly lied below a seat by the trash bin. Hopefully, the bin and the sea of feet will shield me from the eyes of humans... that I'm resting here...I'm...feeling really really weak... Ow... I...I guess the adrenaline in my body's gone now.... Ow... Ow ow... Ack... It hurts... It hurts...

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