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Yeah even if you can't get X and Y right away, you're still welcomed here. I likely won't be able to afford the games till late November early December. We won't pressure you to get the game release and we still accept you here no matter what generation you play! Welcome to the forum by the way Kawaii Future Friend!

Originally Posted by Nymue View Post
I'm feeling a bit inferior because apart from not having played any fifth gen games yet, the only third and fourth gen games I've completed are FR/LG/HG/SS.

See, when Gen 3 came out I decided to wait around until the games and device were cheaper and buy them secondhand. 10~ years later, here I am, finally playing through Platinum and about to get an Emerald version.

I'm sure I'll get around to gens five and six when I'm done.

I'm glad I've had Bulbapedia to teach me all about the mons I've been missing out on.

I know the feeling. I didn't have a GBA when Ruby and Sapphire came out and I didn't get my so first gen 3 game till 2005 when I got a GBA from a friend for 5 dollars and a copy of LeafGreen. I didn't experience Hoenn till a bit later when I got Emerald for my birthday that year. It wasn't till after Christmas of 2011 that I finally bought a copy of Sapphire along with a GBA SP to play it on with my Christmas money. I'm kind of glad sites like Bubapedia and Serebii cause that's also how I learn about Pokemon news especially info on upcoming games that I want to play. Serebii is how I learned about new Pokemon in both Diamond and Pearl and Black and White. XD
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