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Originally Posted by Triforce View Post

I'm looking for a Chespin. I don't have anything you have requested but I have a high obtain rate and plenty you could choose from.
I do not have a Chespin currently, but I should be getting one soon.

Originally Posted by wongjunlin View Post
Hi there! I am interested in the Froakie egg!

Mind trade with me with my Jolly Abra with Synchronize ability?
Sure thing! What's your FC?

Originally Posted by Beto5180 View Post
I would be interested in a Squirtle egg and hopefully a Thro. I have X so I could help you with those exclusives too since it seems that you have Y. I as right now I have a couple of male Espurrs up for trade if you're interested in one. FC 3024-6128-2523
What starters would you happen to currently have that you can breed?

Originally Posted by JadeX View Post
Hey, able to request for a squirtle egg ?
Sure, what can you offer?
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