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I'll just frankly state what things have been like for me.

You and Live respond everytime. You're really approachable. Same goes for Blade. In fact, even though she's probably one of the busiest people here, she still feels more approachable than a majority of staff members. Idk. I haven't really had the chance to talk much with asty after she got promoted so idk. But she's generally not intimidating either.

Fabio is a cool guy and I feel pretty comfortable to ask anything I need of him. Gav is gav. Kinda lazy when it comes to replying to VMs but he got a lot on his plate I guess. Among admins, Went is the most approachable, hands down. He also seems to be the most active guy. Jake did help me out with my account problems once in 2009 I guess. But i haven't contacted him for anything after that. I consulted other admins like Went whenever I felt the need. Take of it what you wish to. Audy is great. Although he's pretty lazy when it comes to VMs too. Like gavvy. But I don't feel repelled by him. A warm guy. Mork is easily one of the friendliest peeps. I don't think I have any problems with him. Or any other current staff member for that matter.
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