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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
You guys are all so wonderful. 8)

Something I want addressed in this thread specifically is the previously perceived gap, in both terms of activity and approachability, between the higher staff and the rest of the memberbase. It's something that's been discussed a few times - on a staff level and also somewhat in the previous thread like this one, as well as with a couple of people personally - and I wanted to see where people stand on it now. So... have at it, guys! How do you think hstaff-memberbase interaction is right now?
This was something that I was going to bring up in my original post once I edited it a bit later, but I'll just make a clean fresh post here and give my 2cents on the issue.

Personally I feel that communication and interaction is pretty good for the most part between hstaff and the memberbase. While I personally haven't communicated with all of the higher staff here, I feel very comfortable talking to those who I do have conversations with regularly such as Morkula and Razor Leaf. I feel as if I have any issues that I could approach either one of these as well as any other higher staff and have it resolved. That said, I can see why some would not see as much communication and approachability between hstaff and the memberbase as one would like. I feel like answering VM/PMs in a faster way would be the first step in fixing this, but also I feel like some hstaff could do as Live suggested and start up conversations more frequently with some of the members(which is what Razor Leaf and Morkula did with me). The reason that I bring this up is, a lot of the time hstaff will come off as intimidating especially to newer members, but if people see that hstaff are just like any of us, friendly and approachable, things would be much better in that regard.
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