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Originally Posted by Michonne View Post
Wow that episode last night was really breathtaking. I don't think that I have ever been that impressed with a season premiere of a show at all. I was expecting very little action and mostly just an insight on what the last month had been like and maybe shed some light on what would happen in the next few episodes, but we actually got a full action packed episode. I won't say much more to avoid any spoilers, but I was thoroughly impressed with that episode and those who haven't seen it I totally recommend doing that ASAP because you missed a great one!
That was a great episode last night!!! I agree it was breathtaking, A great way to start the season : )

I will say I'm liking how Michonne is starting to show more emotions and her character is developing even more. I'm wondering what they are going to do with Judith??? That is what I'm most interested in and I want to know what predictions people here have on who is going next???

This is just me but I have a Feeling that Beth and Herschel might go this season.