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I'm going to do feedback on the mods that handle the sections I frequent so :3

Let's start with NU/W or New Users/Welcome TWL or The Welcome Lounge! Well, Cirno does a terrific job handling new members and such... Even though I dont frequent her section much, her presence is truly known...

PoC or Pokemon Clubs, well AlexOzzyCake and Olli97 are terrific mods at that section, they make a great mod team and handles Pokemon Clubs with finesse and effectivity. Good job guys! :)

PGen or Pokemon General, Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers and Brendino worked their asses off bringing back PGen to its former glory and as much as possible making that section very lively... They've made PGen the Pokemon CCP xD Good luck guys on your future endeavors :)

RPC or Roleplay Corner, Since I joined the RP scene the first time, Skymin was the only mod at RPC at that time. She led the RP corner with determination and made the RP corner a good place to hang out... After returning the RP scene, Magic Fox became Skymin's mod partner and then both of them lead the section fearlessly... I'm just sorry for Swiftie there for mindblowing his brain one time xD

CCP or Chit Chat & Polls, well, what can I say? Vertigo and Shining Raichu definitely gets a plus here making sure CCP doesnt collapse in utter chaos! Great work you guys :)

and finally the forum I call home, FCG or Fan Clubs & Groups... Well Andy! You've made a terrific job handling FCG, also taking in my suggestions, that was nice of you too, and since FCG is really laidback, there's not much mod reports for you to handle here in FCG! :3 Lead FCG great Andy!

To the Hstaff, more specifically, Live, Leaf, Gav, and Blade you guys rule! Thank you for being there and balance everything :)


I have a suggestion though but this might raise some attention here but, can we like have a Staff Hall of Fame or something, to remember the PC ex-staff, and their contributions to this amazing forum? And with that, I bid farewell...

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