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I decided to fuse both the RP I was thinking of. I wanted to make one similar to Gilded Halls and a futuristic one where some warriors would fight against a robot apocalypse. And I fused them which will give birth to :

The Buster Warriors

This RP is set in the year 3020 by the way.


We are in year 3015. Technology had attained very high summits by then. It was now a common thing to see robots in the society. There were two generations of them : the A1000 and the A2000. The A1000 were mostly constructed for domestic purposes, thus their weapon system wasn't very advanced. But the A2000 were popular for their weapons and they were equipped with a program that allowed them to make a difference between who to kill and who to spare, hoping this would restrict their hostile behavior. But apparently some people were not very pleased by this sudden burst of technology. They were too conservative to accept the changes that were happening. They said that humanity went too far and deserved to be punished. These anti-tech people started preaching through social networks and the internet asking for people to stop "following the evil" so they could be spared by the hand of God as they said. Some people actually believed and followed their cause but some others thought it was just someone seeking attention. Until October the 3rd when what they called "The TechPocalypse" started. The anti-tech group, that dubbed themselves Tetra, launched a virus that was to affect all the A2000. This virus caused a bug that broke the detection program causing the A2000 to identify all the humans as hostile organisms. Then the massive killing started. Robots were killing humans mercilessly, some of them managed to survive but most didn't. By 3018, 80% of the population was dead. Even when things looked bad, the scientists didn't give in to despair and continued working on a way to save the rest of humanity. By 3019, the Buster Suit was created. That suit, which was basically an armor, was created specifically to fight A2000. It possessed a powerful machine gun and came along a Buster Weapon that could be a sword, a gun, a staff, etc... They could use special abilities and attacks depending on which Buster Element they chose. Those could range from Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Dark and Light. Of course, they wouldn't be able to use and manipulate these at once. That's why a Buster Academy was created to instruct the ones chosen to be the Buster Warriors. But the suits were limited as in not everyone could use them. Individuals under 25 years weren't able and the scientist didn't want any minors to use it. Finally 10(?) were chosen to be trained to accomplish the hard task of saving the world.

Just the little development I have so far. Help is very welcome! Also would anyone participate?
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