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    Oh boy I should really start paying more attention to this thread xD

    @ Nymue - Trust me, it's worth catching up on (at least Black and White and 4th gen, I couldn't really give you two cents for anything B&W2 and up). I've been thinking of playing X and Y, just to see if my suspicions are ones that should be ignored.
    @ Meganium90 - Thank you for welcoming me~ But yeah, I probably never will get the chance to play them, but it might be just as fun watching others play them, I'll have to give it a try. But then I always get so upset if I see the solution to a puzzle and the player doesn't and then they wander around for hours doing it and UGH. Still, it seems like a fun idea
    @ Thepizzatree - (This username needs to become a reality) Welcome to the forums! I'm doing pretty okay myself, but that's probably just me being overly happy for some very bizarre reason.