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Originally Posted by PinkSapphire View Post
I was logged in and my phone is perfectly fine… like I said: I used two different phones to check it out and by both the browsers completely crashed by just opening the last page of YA.

EDIT: looks like I can still post in the OOC of Youkai Academy with my laptop so I will do that until I can post there again with my phone.

... but Google chrome stopped working after I posted there so I wonder what the deal is ^^;;
Can you post in any other OOCs on your phone?

Originally Posted by Magic Fox View Post
The roleplay will have a range of spots available. It will have three "Chosen" trainers, some slightly more experienced trainers and the possibility of playing Gym Leaders may arise. Still in the works.

I want to offer options whilst still keeping the process solid. The last event was too open in the end, and with not enough drive and motivation. This will be different.
Sounds a bit weird, also why the eagerness to jump into Kalos so early?