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✿ Serena - October 14, 2013

Ivan (Snivy) - L12 - Hardy
Truex (Sewaddle) - L11 - Jolly
Kenseth (Pidove) - L10 - Careful
Brad K. (Psyduck) - L12 - Bashful
Dale Jr. (Mareep) - L12 - Relaxed

In PC:
Johanna L. (Azurill) - L7 - Hardy
I remained in Floccesy Ranch in preparations for my first gym battle against Leader Cheren. In the meantime I had caught a male Mareep named Dale (like Dale Earnhardt Jr.). It was a breeze to train him. Truex and Brad K. were training really well and reached up to L10, which was my goal. Ivan was already in L10 but I warmed him up for battle a bit. Kenseth needed a little help, but the one that was lacking so much patience was little Johanna. The training was too fierce for her, so I had to box her in, unfortunately.

After all of the Pokemon reached L10, I immediately healed them, and walked all the way back to Aspertia City, where the first gym was located. I walked inside the Pokemon Trainer's School, and battled the two trainers. Both of them students from the school. Brad was up first against the boy, and was raised two levels during that battle. Then Kenseth was up against the girl, but did not survive the 2nd Pokemon battle. Until then, Brad K took over.

Brad was up during the battle against Cheren. It was able to go against his L11 Patrat, but his L13 Lillipup was too strong for him. It was also strong for Dale Jr. as well. Truex was up next, despite the level difference by 3. Lillipup was already paralyzed by Dale's static ability, so that gave Truex so much advantage, even though Cheren gave it a potion to refill its energy. But it still didn't make way for the paralysis. Truex defeated the Lillipup with a few bug bites, and raised only one level, and won the match. It was a very close one.

I was given the Basic Badge and the TM Work Up. I was then given Professor Juniper's phone number by Bianca and my pokedex was upgraded. Afterwards, I was now on my way to the next city, Virbank.

Until next time, journal. ★

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