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Originally Posted by ganesha View Post
I have a suggestion too.

Mods when you find a thread which is wrong place just move it to the right place instead of closing it and saying this not the right place to post it, etc etc.

It won't look good to have wrong topics in a section even when they are closed.

Hope you take this suggestion :D
In regards to this and to add onto the above post (darn ninja-ing!), sometimes it's not possible or feasible to do so. Sometimes moving a thread to a different section will likely have the thread closed by that section's mod/s, so it just means delaying the end result and giving the work to someone else. Other times there's a specific thread that covers the one in question (e.g. help thread in 4th gen when a question thread is made in Pokemon General), but mods in Pokemon General cannot actually merge threads outside their own section, just within. Or say the section the thread belongs in requires mod approval by the mods of said section, so moving it there would bypass the process the thread should go though.

I agree that in general it is good to move the thread to the right section, but it's not always the best course of action. It's a case-by-case basis at any rate.
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