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    Originally Posted by Moxxie View Post
    This is probably a moot point since this is essentially a finished development now, but I was thinking... there's already a system in the 3rd Gen games to determine whether or not a move makes contact (necessary for abilities like Static)... are there any Physical moves that don't make contact? Any Special moves that do? While it offers more power to be able to have a move make contact *and* be Special, if there are no vanilla moves which are that way (or vice versa), wouldn't it be simpler to read that byte instead?

    (**I didn't actually check to see if there were any moves like this, so I may have just overlooked some. I'm only really familiar with the 1/2/3rd Gen moves, anyway.)
    Within Pokemon Game Editor's Attack Editor, it has a list of checkboxes. One of them has the option of whether or not that move makes contact with the opponent.
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