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I've come to accept that the series probably isn't going to follow the comics very closely anymore. I think we'll get the major arcs based on the settings and big characters that appear, but there are already some big changes that would make the series difficult to fit into what the comic does later on.

Not to mention, certain characters who have already died in the comics have stuck around on the TV series because they've become so popular. I honestly don't see the show killing off any of its "big 3" - Rick, Daryl, and Glen. Especially Glen. I just can't see the TV series having him die in the brutal manner his comic counterpart faced.


Also doing the sign up thing

-Username: Ryoutarou

-Favorite character and why: Daryl. Mostly because he's shown some great evolution as the series has gone on.

-Character: Apparently I'm closest to T-Dog. Totally didn't see that one coming.

What, there are graphic novels? I know there's a "game" of sorts, but that's not what you mean is it?
He means the comic book series that the TV show is based on. If you've not heard about it or read it, I'd recommend giving a few issues a try. It's very fast paced and such a good read, though not as introspective as the TV series, it's still great for the cast of characters it has. It recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as well, so with that and the TV ratings in mind, The Walking Dead is probably going to be around for ages. (comparing where the show is right now against the comic book, we would only be about 50 issues into its current 117 issue run)