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    1st update:

    Named character Scourge
    Obtained Cyndaquil and nicknamed it Jeffery
    Traveled across route 29
    Arrived in cherry grove city
    Traveled to Mr.Pokemon's house
    Obtained pokedex
    Battled rival in cherry grove
    Returned to New Bark town
    Gave professor elm the mystery egg
    caught poliwag on route 30 and nicknamed it poliswirl
    Arrived in violet city
    climbed the Sprout tower and obtained HM05
    cyndaquil evolved into quilava
    Beat falkner to get my 1st badge
    traveled down route 32 and through the union cave
    arrived in azalea town and met Kurt
    Thwarted team rockets plans in the slowpoke well
    defeated Bugsy to obtain our second badge

    and that's where i ended off for the night

    My Team:

    Poliswirl (Poliwag) Lv 18
    Jeffery (Quilava) Lv 19


    Go Habs Go!