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I know It will not be like the Graphic Novels and I like that, Due to the fact it still leaves some mystery and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I think that Rick, Darryl, Carl, Maggie, Glenn and Michonne will not be killed off any time soon.

I also know there are a lot of characters that the fans love but they have to go sooner or later, Shane was a prime example. Yes I did enjoy his extended role but I feel he was delaying the development of Rick and Carl's characters. As well the Story started to Drag with Shane around still. I can guarantee if Shane pulled his Crap in front of Michonne, Shane's death would have been more brutal.

But I do think it is time for Carol to go.
I really like Herschel and Beth here as well too but I feel Time is running short for Herschel and Beth will have to go in the future. I also have a funny feeling Tyrese maybe losing his lover and sister sooner then we expect

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-Favorite character and why - Even in the comics as with the Show it is Michonne. I like how they are still staying true to her character in the comics but there are new twists and mysteries with her still. Plus I love that Michonne is one of the examples of a Independent Strong Woman.

- The character I was most like Was T-Dog and I can agree with that. If T-Dog did not die in the show he would still be tough as nails but be logical as well too.