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PC is almost always the first website I go to whenever I start up my computer. I honestly don't have many website I really go to on a regular basis apart from Youtube and my school's website to check on my class schedule, homework, assignments, etc., but that's only really because I have to ;) But yeah, so there's not really much competition for my first priority website, but yeah :p Oh, and Mibbit as well, but it's honestly more of habit now, since I don't use it that much anymore. But I always make sure to load up the site each time I open up my browser, but it's not really anything I can "check" on so to say, so I usually just end up loading up Mibbit first, and going on to check PC :p

I occasionally check on sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, but they're definitely not the first ones I go to check each day.
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