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I'm quite a big fan of Whimsicott. It's one of the most gorgeous and cutest-looking Pokémon that I have managed to lay my eyes on. Its back is made out of fluff entirely, which is quite awesome! If you ever touched behind its back, you would fall asleep within only two to three minutes, as it's extremely soft. This little fellow is pretty good when it comes to battling as well. It's got the Prankster ability, which is something that very few Pokémon have access to. With Prankster, this Pokémon is able to always strike first when using non-damaging moves, such as Encore, Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Memento, and Taunt. These moves come in very handy when battling competitively, as they help to stall your opponents and buy you some time. :)

I also like Gogoat. It looks very fierce, and always ready to get into a fight. It's base Attack stat is over a hundred, which is a lot. Along with its high Attack, it's got a ton of physical-based moves in its arsenal that it can take full advantage of, such as Razor Leaf, Earthquake, Double-Edge, Leaf Blade, Horn Leech, Take Down, and Seed Bomb. Its defenses may not be that great, but it does have a big amount of HP though, which sort of makes up for it. Also, I love how you're able to ride this Pokémon. There's, of course, a bunch of other Pokémon that you can ride, but this has gotta be one of the fastest (and safest).