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    Sorry for not posting one yesterday. I'll post two to make up for it...

    [The Fall of Icarus ]


    The sun rises slowly
    The ploughman ploughs
    The sheepherder watches his sheep
    The ships sail on
    The port town wakes


    Unnoticed to everyone
    Icarus is in the water
    The sun had melted
    Those wings of wax
    His struggle with death
    Caused amazing amounts of
    Fear to surface


    Screams in the distance
    The ship lets down its sails
    Screams in the distance
    The herder shrugs and looks away
    Screams in the distance
    The ploughman just has to finish
    Screams in the distance
    The port town lay quiet


    Death approached like a shadow
    Stealing away Icarus's last breaths
    The boy went limp
    Sunk low into the water
    All that remains are feathers
    Light on the water's surface


    [The Unnoticed Beauty]

    The lighting played part
    But certainly not much
    For the beauty displayed
    Was certainly her own

    Those cerulian eyes
    Soft porcelian skin
    Amazing velvet hair
    Pale and Beautiful

    She was one of amazing grace
    The way she moved...
    Simply amazing

    But tore herself down
    With acts of pain
    She held the blades close
    And watched the blood
    Such disdain

    The beauty unnoticed
    He vowed to protect
    With light in his eyes
    He balled up his fists

    Never again did the beauty hurt
    Never again did she dance with blades
    Never again was she alone
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