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I beat it 8/8 badges and beat the elite four(and Others).

It was easy as ever even without using the EXP share and setting battles to set.
I simply soloed it with my trusty Gardevoir (and Azumarill for the rock and steel) who had Psychic,Dazzling Gleam, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball which made so she could pretty much counter EVERYTHING in the elite four XD

Final Team:

Gardevior Lvl 72

Azumarill Lvl 74

Florges Lvl 65 ;Florges sucks, horrible move pool

Spritzee Lvl 66 ; Too adorable

Sylveon Lvl 67

Mawile Lvl 61 ;mostly Hm/Tm slave

Also I have to say Fairy is easily my new favorite type

I'll be going through a second playthrough this time ghost XD kinda the opposite of last time.
Username: Sindrie
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Same as last time no EXP share and battle style will be set. I plan to get Honedge from route 6 and use him as my main.
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