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Topic answer: FF4DS

Genesis Rhapsodos

Recent Remakes

Um... Oh, you mean the themes of recent games? I like the new themes more.

Revenant Wings. So, so fun...

No, it's getting better. What? I love ATB, QTE, SciFantasy, ACTUAL character development, non-straitforward plots... Oh, and Code Tangerine! xD

I might...but it seems too player-owned for my standards. If people don't like how your game works, screw them. As long as it doesn't have bugs or glitches, keep it as it is. If people don't like it, they can leave.

Yes. And I wonder how many people will get that joke...

Darkness. I NEED to know what the FF3 Heroes of Darkness did! (Note: the Final Fantasy THREE ones.)

FF3's, hands down. That stupid no-save area, with 4 beyond elite bosses even BEFORE the impossihard final final boss? *shakes head*

Middle School age, I think. That's when I got my DS and FF3.