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Originally Posted by Nhadaly View Post
I dont know if this question should go on the team help or here, but ill ask;

Is Gothitelle a good pokemon?
I'll try and assist you here.

I happened to use a Gothitelle on my team in my first Black playthrough and it's pretty decent in my opinion. I gave mine a STAB move, Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball (for coverage) and some filler status move, did her job pretty well. I know that most other Psychic-types available in the game aside from Gothitelle, Sigilyph and Swoobat are slow but hit hard. Sigilyph is slightly better due to the secondary Flying-type (Swoobat has it too, but its stats are something to laugh at, plus I used Sigi on my Black 2 playthrough) but Gothitelle's still pretty good. If I had a good run using it, I'm sure you will too, plus her Frisk ability can be handy for hunting for items on wild Pokemon.

If I were to compare Gothi to the other Psychics in-game, it hits less harder than Reuniclus (White exclusive), Beheeyem, Sigilyph and Musharna, but it's got well-balanced stats.
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