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    Hey guys, just letting you know I WON. 8/8 badges on X and E4, all here in one convenient update.

    Pokemon X Fighting: Complete!
    Badges: 8
    Pokemon: 6

    (WARNING: This update contains spoilers about X & Y. Do not look at it until you beat the game yourself.)
    -Named self Jacob, picked Chespin.
    -Beat Viola and got the Bug Badge. (really Game Freak?)
    -Caught Ralts on Route 4, named him Lancelot.
    -Caught Pancham on Route 5, named him KungFuPanda. (Yes, I just did that.)
    -Caught Croagunk on Route 7, named him Croaky.
    -Caught Machop in the cave with the Fossils, called him Po.
    -Beat Grant and got the Cliff Badge. (Better...)
    -Ditched Po for a Lucario, named Riley, on the Tower of Mastery.
    -Caught Hawlucha on Route 10, named him MuchosMachos.
    -Beat Korrina and got the Rumble Badge.
    -Beat Ramos and got the Plant Badge.
    -Beat Clemont and got the Voltage Badge. (Liked Clemont's design btw)
    -Beat Valerie and got the Fairy Badge. ()
    -Beat Olympia and got the Psychic Badge. ()
    -Beat the forces of evil and saved the world as we know it.
    -Beat Wulfric and got the Iceberg Badge.
    -Beat the Elite Four and got the "surprise of my life" when I found out that the Champion was none other than - Diantha! (No....)
    -Beat AZ and got to see a wonderful reunion of the king and his Pokemon.

    The wonderful team that got me through the storyline!
    (WARNING: This team contains spoilers about X & Y, though not as badly as the story. Do not look at it until you beat the game yourself.)

    Chestnut the Hardy Chesnaught Lv. 68 (M)

    Somewhat vain.
    Ability: Overgrow
    Frenzy Plant
    Hammer Arm
    Wood Hammer

    Kalos Co-MVP

    Lancelot the Careful Gallade Lv. 61 (M)

    Somewhat stubborn.
    Ability: Steadfast
    Brick Break
    Dazzling Gleam

    LVP. Just LVP.

    Riley the Hasty Lucario Lv. 68 (M)

    Alert to sounds.
    Ability: Steadfast (Normal)/Adaptability (Mega)
    Aura Sphere
    Dragon Pulse
    Rock Tomb

    Kalos Co-MVP
    E4 Co-MVP

    Croaky the Impish Toxicroak Lv. 67 (M)

    Strongly defiant.
    Ability: Anticipation
    Sucker Punch
    Poison Jab

    E4 Co-MVP

    MuchosMachos the Modest Hawlucha Lv. 68 (M)

    Loves to eat.
    Ability: Unburden
    High Jump Kick
    Sky Attack

    E4 MVP w/ Croaky

    KungFuPanda the Gentle Pangoro Lv. 68 (M)

    Strong willed.
    Ability: Iron Fist

    E4 Co-MVP
    HM Slave

    Well, now that I got that done, it's time for me to go back to my Poison challenge in Crystal. Also, I don't plan to do the Kalos monotypes until I get Y Version. Since I only have X, I would have to restart all of my progress that I made, which I don't plan to do. So, until I update again, bye!