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Oh good, the only one I had in mind upon reading the title was already mentioned (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII) and WOW I can't believe I didn't think of Ghost Trick's.

I think the reason this ending stands out to me so much is because going into the game, assuming you've played Final Fantasy VII, you already know what's going to happen. From the moment you start, you know generally what goes down and you know there isn't going to be a happy ending. So you mentally prepare yourself for it and somehow, it still catches you off-guard. Its execution is just so BRILLIANT. Especially from a Final Fantasy game, you kind of expect that you beat the final boss and then you set the game down for 20 minutes of cutscenes and then the credits and then maybe a snippet of scene after that before you turn off the system for the last time. This one kept the gameplay going right up until the end and when that last limit slot where Aerith's cure comes up just seconds too late? I just. I feel kind of emotional just thinking about it. And then the cutscene immediately after that is a new rendering of the iconic scene from the beginning of FFVII which picks up immediately where Crisis Core leaves off. It's been a really long time since I played it but no video game ending has ever left such an impact on me. (I feel strongly about it even today but WOW I was such a mess the day after I finished it, too.)

Ghost Trick
I guess part of the reason I didn't think of Ghost Trick right away for this question is because I really hated how Sissel turned out to be the cat, haha. I guess maybe it never sat well with me because the cat didn't have much emphasis throughout the rest of the game, nor did the connection between the cat and Yomiel end up important until the very end anyway. BUT. The rest of the ending? I thought it tied together ridiculously well. I adored the build-up and aside from the cat reveal, I thought everything was laid out beautifully. The characters came together and everything was so relevant and it was just so, so satisfying to play through. And that's what makes a good ending.

Also agreeing with a notable mention for KH: Birth by Sleep as another "you know this can't end well" endings--I mean, the ending is pretty much the TRAILER that was teased at the end of KH2FM. But it was pulled off very well and the extra ending gameplay in BBSFM that teased that game that NEVER CAME OUT (*sob*) was a good ending too.

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