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    Here is my comment about the forums and forum Mod -

    Welcome lounge - The forum i used my all time to visit and greet people i like To welcoming new members and give them some ideas and when i always check a thread i always saw a post by Crino, She is really friendly she one time closed my thread but with respect and happily she is doing great job. i didn't post on a thread that has been posted more then 10 times cause i don't think after a lot of great post from some amazing PC supporters and MOD i don't need to tell them more but i enjoy welcoming people.

    Pokemon Forum - I didn't visit most but i visit it once 2 or 3 days most at GEN III cause i like these GEN III games very much and now i am starting visiting X & Y but not too much i active there. But i get shocked when i see the post by mod the Mod are doing a amazing job.

    Chit chat, Fan club, General entertainment, Video games and other non pokemon forum-
    I really not being active the most of my time in these forum but i ask in question & feedback if i had anything. And the staff didn't let my post unanswerd.

    Pokemon club - Another Forum that i being active the most of my time, Its on second active list of my, I like the work done by the mod Olli and AlexOzzy and i have joined too many clubs and has made one my own.

    Emulation & ROM Hackin - The third forum i get active in my most time its on third in my list. I mostly visit Progressing hacks and Hack showcase cause i love getting some new and amazing hack from some really cool members. And i also started posting on thread made by staffs like - Script help, Map review etc great thread. And i am posting on team discussion also and can't forgot the toturial and Toolbox.

    for now PC has give me alot of things to do on my boring time PC has made my boring time a important life and i like being active in the whole PC time in my most of times thank you to all kind Staffs that they helped me specially Crino, Olli97, Abgenation, EternallyAnna and to all member of PC !

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