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    Ultimate Fire Monotype Update 3

    Game: Firered

    Status: Completed

    Pre-Elite Four Diary:
    After defeating Gary, I headed off towards Celadon City. Going through Route 7 and 8 I battled all the trainers attempting to raise Monty a few levels. When I reached the town I head straight for the gym where all the pokemon were taken out with Monty's Ember and later Flame Wheel.
    After defeating the fourth gym I headed to the Game Corner and battled the Team Rocket member standing inside. I followed him down the stairs which lead into the Rocket Base. After taking out all of the grunts I face the boss Giovanni. His ground pokemon stood no chance against Smaug's Wing Attack and Monty's Bite after defeating him I received the Silph Scope.
    I went back to the Pokemon Tower and defeated the Marowak to find Team Rocket were in the top floor. After beating all their trainers, I rescued Mr Fuji who rewarded me with the PokeFlute.
    Now after taking out Team Rocket (Again), I decided to go south to the Poison Gym of Fuschia City. Heading down Route 16/17/18 to battle all the bikers to train up Monty a bit more helped a lot. When I reached Fuschia I challenged the Gym straight away. Koga's Pokemon stood no chance against Monty's Flame Wheel and Smaug's Flamethrower!
    After taking out another gym I headed to safari zone where I got Surf and the Gold Teeth. I gave the Gold Teeth to an old man in exchange for Strength.
    I then headed to Silph Co which was fairly easy but required a lot of running around, a man gave me a Lapras which I use as an HM slave. I found Giovanni again and defeated him easily enough. I was rewarded with a Master Ball (yay?). I went to the Saffron Gym (my memory is a bit hazy as it was fairly late but I know I bet the gym). After going to bed and waking up I returned to my adventure. I flew to Pallet Town and surfed south towards Cinnabar Island.
    On the island I went to the Mansion which was very tedious but I finished it easily enough. I then went to the gym and got all the answers right. Blaine (his name right? I can't be bothered checking) went down fairly easy with a fair bit of Rock Throw and Fly.
    I then saw Bill who showed me to One Island. I went and caught a Ponyta on Kindle Road. Phar was the newest member of my team.
    I then went through the weird side story and rescued the little girl and delivered the Meteorite. More importantly I trained up Phar a bit on the big pokemon in the forest!
    I went back to Viridian City where I challenged Giovanni, his pokemon stood no chance to Smaug's Steel Wing. After beating the 8th and final gym I headed to Victory Road where my nostalgia kicked in and I knew exactly what to do. I went through the cave in a few minutes (15 or so). After a fair bit of grinding I was ready to challenge the Elite Four with my team of three.

    Elite Four Diary:
    First Battle - Lorelei

    Dewgong - Died easily with Smaug's Rock Slide
    Cloyster - Died with Smaug's Rock Slide
    Lapras - Died with Smaug's Rock Slide
    Slowbro - Died from Monty's Bite
    Jynx - Died with Monty's Extremespeed and Bite

    (I taught Smaug Earthquake instead of Rock Slide between battles)

    Second Battle - Bruno

    Onix - Died with Smaug's Earthquake
    Hitmonchan - Died with Smaug's Fly
    Machamp - Died from Monty's Flamethrower and Extremespeed
    Onix - Died from Smaug's Earthquake
    Hitmonlee - Died from Smaug's Fly

    Third Battle - Agatha

    Gengar - Lost to Smaug's Flamethrower
    Golbat - Lost to Smaug's Flamethrower
    Arbok - Lost to Smaug's Earthquake
    Gengar - Lost to Smaug's Flamethrower
    Haunter - Lost to Smaug's Flamethrower

    Fourth Battle - Lance

    Gyrados - Lost to Monty's Flamethrower
    Aerodactyl - Lost to Smaug's Flamethrower
    Dragonair - Lost to Phar's Double Edge and Monty's Extreme Speed. Killed Phar.
    Dragonair - Lost to Monty's Extreme speed
    Dragonite - Lost to Smaug's Mega Kick. Killed Smaug. Then died to Monty's Extreme speed and Bite.

    Champion Battle - Gary

    Pidgeot - Lost to Monty's Flamethrower
    Rhydon - Lost to Smaug's Earthquake and Monty's Bite. Smaug Died and was Revived
    Blastiose - Killed Smaug and Monty but they both dealt a bit of damage and Phar finished him off with Double-Edge
    Alakazam - Died from Phar's Fire Blast
    Exeggutor - Died from Phar's Fire Blast
    Arcanine - Died to Smaug's Earthquake

    Smaug the Charizard Lv60
    Mega kick

    Phar the Rapidash Lv56
    Fire Blast

    Monty the Arcanine Lv 58
    Extreme Speed
    Flame Wheel