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Recruiting a World-designer

Team name: TBA
Team Leader: Kidpaddle45
Programmer: Kidpaddle45
Current Game title: Pokemon Atom
Current progress made: Pokemon Atom is an online Pokemon MMORPG that has been in development for the past few months. It already features 2 generations of Pokemon and a fully working battle system. Features such as storage, trading, challenging a friend and even tournaments are already working too. The game lacks a lot in terms of maps and could even use a complete overhaul graphically.
Position(s) needed: World-designer.
Timezone: I live in Canada.
Preferred Method of contact: Skype/Email
Link to your PC thread: Pokemon Atom
Additional info: The game was developed with the BYOND engine. It requires a little bit of learning before you can start mapping but, if you're up to developing a unique MMORPG, I'm ready to help you out!
Online Game-play Video:
Watch in fullscreen & 720P

Comment on the game's topic if you're interested. Thank you.

Pokemon Atom: The online Pokemon MMORPG!
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