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Originally Posted by CayCay98 View Post
What font did you use for Battle Brown? And who else is working on the hack besides you and the beta testers? btw I know I've said this before but your titlescreen. Beautiful.
Well no one is currently working on my hack other then me!
The title screen was made by Karatekid552! I hired him to make it (so I also paid him to do it) but other then that (and beta testers) I have been making the whole thing!

The font as given to me by the same guy who is currently making pokemon cobalt. I would ask him!

However, even though I am making my game on my own, I need some help! I am trying to find a good spriter to work with! So if anyone who is reading this knows of a spriter who is willing to be a part of this ROM, let me know!
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