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Chapter 26
We reached the pond in half an hour after our lunch break...with berries... Sigh... I miss the taste of meat already...

The Pokémon residents were still separated by groups though. Grouped by the trees or by the edges of the pond. A few were alone as well.

As usual, I was behind our small group, and in front of me, the four were, once again, arguing with Lithe... Sigh... Things aren't really going to change here, huh?

“Lithe,” a new voice called from...above? “Go back to your circle.”

I turned up just in time to see...Celebi, descending, with an annoyed frown directed at the retreating Growlithe. Well, there's a change.

“I can't believe he's still after you,” the legendary said as she touched down in front of the four. If not counting the Pikachu's ears, Celebi's as tall as Shock.

I stepped up beside Fay and Shock as Vixie replied. “I just hope he gets tired soon...”

“Bi,” Shock said, “can't you tell him to stop going after 'Xie?”

Celebi turned to him and sighed. “I already lost count of how many times I told him that.” Pikachu sighed as Bi finally took notice of me. I felt nervous under her curious gaze. “Who's this?”

“Er...” Com'on mouth! You can do better than that!

“Oh, this is Jay,” Fay said, turning to me with a smile and then turned back to Bi. “He wants to ask to be your mate.”

“What?!” I shouted as I gave her a pound on her head. “No I don't!”


I looked back at the legendary and smiled nervously. “Er, don't listen to her.”

“Jay huh?” Celebi brought a hand to her chin, and tilted her head as she stared at me while floating around if she was...scanning me... “Well,” she said as she landed in front of us. “You don't look that bad to be my mate.”

I stepped back in shock. “Wait, what?!”

She nodded. “I don't like loud noises though, so we'll have to work on minimizing your shouting habit...”

This is weird! This is beyond weird! I looked at the others. Saur just shrugged his shoulders. Shock was giving me a thumbs up. I glared at him. Fay had a huge grin. Vixie was quietly clapping her paws.

Celebi's face was suddenly inches away from mine. It was impossible, but I actually felt a sweat ran down from my head as I nervously gazed at her piercing sapphire eyes. I involuntarily took a step back to regain my personal space, and she floated back and sighed.

“Eh, I guess I shouldn't be choosy...”

“You CAN'T be serious!” I said, still not believing what the heck is happening.

She shrugged and turned to the others. “Mew already has a mate, and she never stops talking about how sweet he was, so,” she shrugged again and looked at me with a sweet smile. “I guess it's time for me to have one.”

“Is it time for me to run away, screaming?” I asked. “And how in blazes will this work? Legendaries can' babies, right?” At least in the games, they can't...minus Manaphy...Latios...Latias...

Celebi shook her head and began hovering closer. “No, you can't run, and no, that's just a bunch of rumors.”



“Eheheheheh....heheh... O-okay, hahah,” I laughed nervously as Celebi blinked. “Funny... Hahah... You guys can stop the joke now, 'cause I'm honestly freaking out...”

Celebi blinked, and then glared at me. She suddenly grabbed a hold of my face with her grassy-viney arms and glared directly into my soul. “Were you really wanting to be my mate, or not?”

I gulped. Please, kill me now?

“Okay, we're getting overboard,” Shock sighed as Celebi suddenly lets me go, giggled, and floated back towards the laughing Vulpix and Rattata.

“Not. Funny!” I snarled as I tried to calm my fast-beating heart.

“It was to us!” Fay replied.

I mumbled some jumbled letters for the sake of mumbling...

“But two points of serious,” Celebi said after their giggles died down. “One, I'm seriously of looking for a mate, because Mew's making me jealous...”

“I'm not applying,” I glared at her innocently-smiling face. “No thank you! And you shouldn't have a mate just because you're jealous!”

She just shrugged as Saur chuckled.

“And two,” Celebi continued, “Jay, that's your name, right?”

I nodded reluctantly.

“I can't seem to see his time.”

I...raised an eyebrow. “What? You mean I'm dead?”

“Wow!” Fay wow'ed, for some reason... “Zombies do exist!”

I deadpanned at her. “Yeah... Blearghurgh and some gibberish...” I shook my head. “Seriously, what does that mean?”

“Celebi can travel through time,” Saur said.

...and Captain Obvious strikes again~!

Celebi nodded. “I can also see others' connection with time, but...”

“ can't see mine?” I guessed.

She nodded again and frowned. “...and it's weird, really.”

“Bi,” Shock called, and looked around, before looking at Celebi again. “He claims that he used to be a human,” he whispered.

Celebi stared at Shock for a couple of seconds before turning to me with an arched eyebrow. “...really?”

“Really,” I said. “And no, I ain't joking.”

She landed and looked at the four. “...and you believe him?”

A series of ‘nuh-uh’ and ‘nope’ echoed from our little group.

I frowned. But eh, if a human walks up to me and tells me that they used to be a Pokémon, I wouldn't believe them either. But still...

Celebi looked at me and nodded. “I'll give you the benefit of the doubt then...”

I sighed in relief. At least she doesn't fully not believe me... “Thanks. That's...really why I wanted to see you.”

Celebi nodded. “It's worth the wait, at least.”

It's...worth the wait? I turned back to the four and they just smiled back at me.

“We asked Bi is she could wait here for you,” Vixie said.

“One of the reasons that we pulled you out from the city,” Shock said, crossing his arms with pride.

I rolled my eyes, but I'm quite thankful that...they actually care. “Thanks, I guess?”

They nodded back.

“So, uh,” I looked back at Celebi. “What now? I um...kinda expecting that you'll know of some ways for me to turn back into a human...”

“Arceus might know...” Celebi thought. “But he's really grumpy if I visit him without an invitation from him. Big meanie...”

A...huh... Okay then... “Can't you at least try?”

She nodded. “But I can't promise you anything...”

“Good enough,” I smiled.

“But what about that Bill guy you were talking about?” Fay asked.

“Who?” Celebi asked.

“Bill is currently in Kanto, who has a machine that I think might help me return to being human.”

“Oh, then that simplifies things then,” Celebi nodded. “You can just go there and meet this Bill.”

I frowned. “Bill's a human.”

“Never mind I said anything then,” Celebi chuckled. “But it's worth a try, right?”

“I...guess so?”

Celebi nodded. “Then it's settled. While I try to talk to Arceus, you go to Kanto and meet up with Bill.”

“You um...” should I? Eh, what the heck. “You probably might need to talk to Palkia as well though...”

Celebi blinked. “Why?”

“I'm...not from this world either...”

Silence... At least our group was quiet... Other Pokémon around the area were still talking amongst each other.

“You're getting crazier and crazier...” Shock shook his head.

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