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How could a Final Fantasy club have eight posts? Unspeakable!

Anyways, I'm Mokoko (you may call my Koko) and I'd like to join please!
Topic answer: Well, I haven't played Kingdom Hearts yet (don't kill me!), but I certainly might in the future.

What is your favorite FF game? Final Fantasy VII! <3

Who is your favorite character? This is a hard one... I'm torn between Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart! Denzel sure is a cutie, though.

do you prefer the Classics of recent remakes? Haven't played any recent remakes of classic FF games.

What is your favorite spin off game? I am looking forward to Crisis Core and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy!

Do you think the series is dyeing? (looking at you XIII) I guess, and I hope Square gets back on their feet.

Do you plan to play FF realm reborn or already playing it? I don't play MMOs.

Do you think Cloud killed Aerith by drowning her by accident because he presumed she was dead? Kehehe... No wonder Cloud wants to be forgiven so much in AC.

What was the hardest boss to defeat? The hardest boss would be Emerald Weapon because it has over one million HP and has that annoying attack that does 3x more damage for every Materia your party has.

When did you find the series? I never really paid any attention towards FF until I was about ten, then I watched FFVII: Advent Children and fell in love! :D