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Chapter 28
I still stayed behind their group was we walked through the forest. The sun was about to set, if the orange colors of the sky was any indication.

Vixie suddenly stopped, and everyone stopped as well. She sighed and turned to me with a sad frown.

“Look,” she said, and I immediately felt scared, “I'm not going to hurt you, alright?”

Uhm... She must have noticed that I get scared every time she checks up on me.

“S-sorry...” I said a bit nervously, and I laughed weakly. “”

Shock crossed his arms and arched me an eyebrow. “What are you so nervous about, anyway?”

I felt my two ears drooped. “Um...” I sighed. “I...know Vixie wouldn't do that, but I...guess I'm...just...still shocked from what happened...I guess?”

Shock rolled his eyes, Fay chuckled, Vixie frowned further, and Saur just nodded.

“That's understandable,” the Bulbasaur said.

I smiled at him. “Thanks. And don't worry about me.” I shrugged. “I...guess I just need some time to recover.”

Saur nodded before turning to the rest. “We should go and look for a place to camp out.”

“Already?” I asked.

“Right,” Shock nodded and turned to a direction. “I can hear a stream up ahead. I'll go and check if it's a good spot.”

“I'll come with!” Fay chirped happily and ran after the Pikachu.

“Fay, stay behind,” Shock complained.

Fay just shook her head. “Nuh-uh! Nope! I'm coming with!”

Shock sighed. “Fine... Just be quiet.”

“Of course! I'll be super quiet you won't even know I'm here!”

The Pikachu groaned as Saur and Vixie chuckled.

Saur then turned to Vixie. “I'll find some good berries then.”

Vixie nodded. “I should, too.”

Saur just shook his head. “I'll handle it.”

Vixie frowned as Saur walked to a direction. “But...”

Saur ignored her and soon, he was gone.

Um... I looked at Vixie. She was still staring at where the Bulbasaur went. She sighed and turned to me. I gasped and looked away. Ah poop... I should have asked to join Saur...

There was a shuffling noise as I saw Vixie's shadow moved. Sigh... This is awkward... People can easily talk when they're in a group, but find it difficult in a one on one situation... I guess it also applies to Pokémon as well...

The faint voices of the flying types in the quiet air isn't really helping much though. I sighed. I guess I should try and break this awkward silence...

“Um...” I noticed her shadow's ears perked up. “...beautiful weather?”

She looked up. “It is...”

...and silence once again.

She sighed. “Look, I really really will not hurt you.”

I looked at her frowning face. “I...know that. Just that... I need time to recover?” Yeah, I'm just repeating myself.

“I know, I know...” she sighed. “I just don't like my friends to be scared of me...”

Eh? “Fr-friends?”

She blinked. “Yes. Friends.” She slightly arched an eyebrow. “We are friends, right?”

“I...” remember, don't go to her bad side... “...guess so...?”

She gave me a small smile. “Just like Fay said, friends don't hurt friends.”

I nodded with a small smile of my own. Strange that she considered me as her friend. Even more strange is they consider me as a friend. Despite a few facts that I barely helped them or even left them on that cliff...

“So I will never hurt you, because you're a friend!”

“But...” I began, my heart suddenly having a difficult time beating. “...I'm a human.”

“Well, right now you're not.”

My ears drooped. “So...once I am human again, you'll attack me?”

She grinned. “Only if you'll try and capture me.”

I rolled my eyes. “I don't even know how a Pokéball works. I'm originally not from this universe, remember?”

She blinked, her smile fading. “ you mean?”

“I mean, where I come from, there are no Pokéballs, because Pokémon don't” ...oops... Good job, me! I'm not even sure if they're ready to know that yet!

She blinked, and blinked, and blinked. “Pokémon don't...exist?”

Welp, the truth was out. “Well, in my world, at least...”

She shook her head. “A world where Pokémon don't exist?” She shook her head again. “That's... That's a sad world you live in!”

“Ouch...” I frowned. “The truth hurts a lot more, coming from you living in this world...”

“S-sorry...” her ears drooped. “I...didn't mean to offend you...”

I slowly shook my head. “Eh, what you said is true, so don't worry about it...”

“But...a world where there's only humans... I just can't imagine your life there...”

Let's see. Work, games, crimes, girls, wars, plagues, natural disasters. I shrugged. “It's not really a sad world though,” I lied. I'd rather you not worry.


I just nodded. “Yep.” Gonna close this topic now. “Why do you think I'm working so hard to get back home?”

“Huh... I guess that's true.” She nodded with a smile. “You must be missing something very important if you're doing everything to return home.”

Eh...not really. I just don't want to get captured by a stupid trainer. That, and I don't wanna die or get eaten as a Pokémon.

“Wife and kids, maybe?”

I frowned at her. “I don't have any of those.”

She blinked. “A...girlfriend?”

Ouch... That stung, girl... “Nope.”

She placed a paw on her chin, deep in thought. “Hm... Boyfriend?”

I choked. “What?!”

She shrugged with a grin. “Hey. I'm not judging.”

I glared at her. “Fay, get off that costume and tell me what you've done with Vixie?”

“Hah hah,” she frowned. “I can be funny too, y'know.”

“Oh?” I grinned.

She puffed. “Fine. Why can't you take a bath in Celebi's pond?”

I arched an eyebrow. “Erm... I give. Why?”

She grinned. “Because everyone might Pikachu.”

Smile...stop... Stop... Darn... Laugh, stop! Stop! I failed. “Hahahah! O-okay, that was a good one.”

Vixie posed proudly. “See? I can even make jokes!”

“Heh...” Okay. I've read some jokes before... Let's see what I can remember... “Hm... You found Skuntank. What do you say?”

“Um... What?”

I smiled. “Odor you are!”

Vixie chuckled. “That was lame.”

“Yeah? Well,” you're just lucky most of the jokes I know will not make any sense to you Pokémon.

“Very lame!” Fay chirped as she and Shock walked out from a small bush. “Here's one! What does a Dratini smell every morning?”

“His dragonbreath,” Saur said, dragging a large leaf with assorted berries on it.

I chuckled as Fay frowned at Saur. I admit, that was a good one.

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